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Application of stainless steel pipe in various fields

ainless steel pipe has been applied to various fields and has achieved great value. What are the latest applications of stainless steel pipes?

1. manufacturing of petrochemical equipment: the main demand of the user is the material 1Cr18Ni9Ti, specification [Phi] 108mm to 325mm stainless steel seamless pipe, which is mainly used for the pressure fluid conveying pipeline, and its tube billet is mainly imported and domestic is supplemented.

2. dye chemical equipment manufacturing: the main requirements are 304, 316, 316L, 310S, and other 300 series, the thickness 0.7mm to 3.0mm cold rolled stainless steel sheet and the thickness 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm hot rolled stainless steel plate; the material 1Cr18Ni9Ti, the specification [Phi] 25mm to Phi stainless steel seamless tube; the stainless steel fastener, the warm part of the matching . The above materials are mainly used for atmospheric fluid transportation pipelines and various tanks and kettle.

3. pharmaceutical chemical equipment manufacturing: the main needs of users are 304, 309S, 316, 321, and other 300 series, the thickness of 0.7mm to 3.0mm cold rolled stainless steel sheet and the thickness of 20mm to 50mm hot rolled stainless steel plate; material 1Cr18Ni9Ti, specification [Phi] 25mm to 80mm stainless steel seamless tube; matching.

4. stainless steel pipe in the field of vehicle / automotive industry: This is the fastest growing field of stainless steel pipe application. Stainless steel vehicles have been widely used in Japan, the United States and Sweden. Japan has been promoting since 80s. At present, its stainless steel train and vehicle has reached 60%. The car industry is the focus of the development of stainless steel pipes. The exhaust pipe of Baoxin stainless steel welded pipe vehicle is mainly aimed at the domestic and foreign high-end automobile market.

5. water industry: stainless steel pipe is the best material for water preparation, storage, transportation, purification, regeneration, seawater desalination and other water industries. Construction industry: China will accelerate the process of urbanization, and develop western and state led residential construction projects, all of which will increase the demand for stainless steel pipes. Our country began to use thin stainless steel pipe in 2000, its industry standard was introduced in 2001, but it has not been widely used in the early stage of popularization. However, with the enhancement of people’s environmental awareness in recent years, the thin-walled stainless steel pipe has been paid more and more attention to its advantages, such as safety, reliability, sanitation, environment and economy, and so on. At present, there are professional manufacturers in Beijing, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other places, and are applied to drinking water system, hot water system, heating system.

6. application of stainless steel pipe in environmental protection industry: industrial waste gas, garbage and sewage treatment plant should be made of stainless steel pipe. The green and environmental sunrise industry in China will develop rapidly in the period of “fifteen”. In 2008, the total output value of China’s environmental protection industry is expected to reach 200 billion yuan. During the period of “fifteen”, the annual growth rate of China’s environmental protection industry is about 15%. This will stimulate demand for steel and provide numerous business opportunities for steel enterprises and steel traders.

7. industrial facilities: the proportion of stainless steel pipes used in industrial facilities in developed countries can generally reach 15%-20%, and the proportion of domestic applications is still very small. With the improvement of the quality of domestic stainless steel pipe products and the development of special brand products, the application of stainless steel pipes will increase year by year in domestic industrial facilities.

8. home appliance industry: in the home electric industry, the large quantity of stainless steel pipe is the inner cylinder of the automatic washing machine, the inner liner of the water heater, the inner and outer shell of the microwave oven, the inner lining of the refrigerator, and the ferritic stainless steel is used. The proportion of stainless steel pipes used in Western Europe is larger than that in Japan. China’s microwave oven, refrigerator, air conditioning, television and other household appliances industry is a potential market for stainless steel pipes. It is estimated that in the next 5-10 years, the consumption of stainless steel pipes in the field of household appliances will be estimated to be 8% or even 10%, thereby driving the consumption of stainless steel pipes. The demand for stainless steel tubes in China’s household appliances industry will reach 100 thousand -15 million tons.

How to handle the stainless steel hook surface

These are the common problems of stainless steel bathroom accessories. Next, let’s introduce them one by one.
Scars: the surface of stainless steel hooks is tongue shaped, fingernail shaped, massive or fish scale thin patches or patches, also known as heavy skin, wing skin, skin grind. They are of different sizes or thickness, and are very irregular in appearance.
Two. Pitting: rough surface or small pits or pockmarks on the surface of stainless steel products. The shape is different, the size is different, there are some parts, and there are continuous slices. Sometimes it is called “pitting” with a large quantity, small area and irregular shape.
Three. Surface adulteration: a non-metallic impurity embedded on the surface of stainless steel hook material, called surface blending. It is generally distributed in dots, blocks or strips, and its color is dark red, light yellow, gray and white. It is mechanically bonded to the surface of stainless steel products and is not easy to peel off.
Four, stratification: stratification means that there is a clear separation of metal structure in the thickness direction of the steel plate, and there is an unwelded gap on the shear section. When it is serious, it can be red in two or three layers, and there is a visible dopant between the layer and the layer.
Five, surface crack: refers to the surface of stainless steel hook material cracking, its type is many, common is crack, hairline and transverse crack. The crack is usually a straight line or Y shaped crack that is consistent with the direction of the processing; the hair pattern is a thin, scattered or scattered hair pattern that appears on the surface of the stainless steel products.
Six, tensile crack: cracking is a “human” or “zigzag” transverse crack on the surface of section steel. Its cracking level is large, deep, not smooth, and its shape is not neat. It occurs mostly in the head and tail of the section steel, and the profiled steel appears mostly in the corner.

Please stay away from the mobile phone

You may think that I’m crazy, but you don’t have to misunderstand it. I don’t mean to give up your mobile phone, but to reduce the dependence and obsession of the phone.
Yesterday morning, a customer sent several CAD drawings on the organ shield on WeChat, so I could check the offer. Because I had too much memory in my cell phone and the reaction was slow, I forwarded it to my colleague Xiao Zhao, Zhao Qian.
At that time, I was on the way back to the company, while my colleague Xiao Zhao worked in the company. I thought that when she opened the blueprint on the computer, she would quickly calculate the price. I didn’t expect it to be more than half an hour. When I got to the office, I went into the office and found her laughing and laughing at her desk.
What do you do? I went over to see that a game called “jumping and jumping” was playing on the cell phone. I asked her if she had ever seen the blueprints and whether the unit price had been checked out. Xiao Zhao looked up and found out that I was in a panic and asked where my drawings were. You say no man!
I decided to give her a fine of 20 yuan for playing the mobile phone while she was at work. One is to play with mobile phones, the two is to delay the normal offer.
Mobile phones have become something that we can never leave.  Almost all men and women, old and young, wherever they go, are all members of the family. They are everywhere.
My son is addicted to cell phone. I go home every day and finish my homework. Last Saturday, our family drove back to our hometown to see the old man. My son sat in the back row playing with his cell phone.
When I arrived at my destination, my wife and I were walking in front, and my son bowed his head and played his cell phone behind him.  When he entered the house, his father saw his son and shouted “big grandson” son happily, but he promised, his eyes were still glued to his cell phone.
Dad was a little angry. He patted his son on the shoulder and said, “grandson, I said, can you raise your head and talk to Grandpa?” The son suddenly woke up, pushing up his glasses, and said in surprise, “ah! Grandpa, when did you come? Is it just from my home? “

What are the types of electroplating processing?

As a very important modern processing technology, electroplating technology is not only the means of metal surface protection and decorative processing, but also the advantages that can be given to metal or non metal other functions.

According to incomplete statistics, more than 60 kinds of industrial coatings have been obtained, of which there are more than 20 single metal coatings, almost all of the common metals or rare precious metals. There are more than 40 kinds of alloy coatings, but the alloys in the study reach more than 240. Moreover, according to the actual production situation, different plating treatments have been developed.

The following several common electroplating processing methods are introduced.

Electroplating is the process of plating a thin layer of other metal or alloy on the surface of some metals by electrolysis. It is the use of electrolysis to make metal or other materials on the surface attached to a layer of metal film to protect, decorate and even give special functions.

Plating is divided into hanging plating, barrel plating, continuous plating and brush plating, etc., mainly related to the size and volume of the parts to be plated.

Suitable objects for hanging plating, barrel plating, continuous plating and brush plating

(1) hanging plating is workpiece clamping on the rack, suitable for large parts, each batch of products that can be plated, and the plating thickness is more than 10 m. Such as the bumper of a car, the handlebar of a bicycle, etc. The hanging plating production line can be divided into manual line and automatic line.

(2) continuous plating, in a simple way is an uninterrupted electroplating of an object, through different electroplating grooves to complete a complete set of electroplating processes, suitable for batch production of wire and strip.

(3) brush plating is an electrode or brush that is connected to the anode with a same anode and can provide the electrolyte needed for electroplating. The method of selecting electroplating on the workpiece as the cathode is applied to the local plating or repair.

(4) roll plating is usually suitable for small parts. Rolling plating is called cylinder electroplating in strict sense. He is a kind of electroplating process that puts a certain number of small parts in a special roller, and in a rolling state, a kind of metal or alloy coating is deposited on the surface of the part, so as to achieve the surface protection and various functional purposes. According to the different use of rollers, the common barrel plating methods in electroplating production are divided into three categories: horizontal barrel plating, inclined roll plating and vibrating barrel plating.

5 advantages of permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor

Permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor has become a hot spot and bright spot because of its energy saving and high efficiency. The existing large energy consumption air compressor in the market is being replaced or replaced by permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor, which can bring the cost saving of 20%-40% directly to the user.
With the development of science and technology, air compressor, as an important power equipment, is widely used in many industrial fields, such as machinery, metallurgy, building materials, electronic power, chemical industry, food, textile and so on. However, air compressor belongs to high-energy consumption equipment. In some industries, electricity consumption accounts for more than 30% of the electricity consumption, so it is commonly called “electric tiger”.

Why is the opportunity of permanent magnet frequency conversion air pressure to be welcomed by the market? At present, the permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor has been widely used in industry, and it can not help reminiscent of the power frequency driven air compressor. So, what’s the difference between the two?
1. Pressure stability

As the variable frequency screw compressor uses the stepless speed regulation of the frequency converter, it can be started slowly through the controller or the PID regulator inside the inverter, and the response can be quickly adjusted to the situation where the gas fluctuation is relatively large.
Compared with the upper and lower limit switch control of power frequency operation, the stability of air pressure increases exponentially.
Two, start without shock

Because the inverter itself contains the function of the soft starter, the maximum starting current is within 1.2 times of the rated current, and the startup impact is small compared with the rated current 6 times more than the rated current.
This impact not only impacts the power grid, but also reduces the impact on the whole mechanical system.
Three. Variable flow control

The power frequency driven air compressor can only work in one volume of exhaust, and the variable frequency air compressor can work in a wider range of displacement. The frequency converter adjusts the motor speed in real time according to the actual gas consumption to control the exhaust volume.
When the gas volume is low, the air compressor can be automatically dormant, thus greatly reducing the energy loss.
The optimized control strategy can further improve the energy saving effect.
Four. The voltage adaptability of AC power supply is better

Due to the over modulation technology used by the frequency converter, sufficient torque can still be output when the voltage of AC power is low, driving the motor to work; when the voltage is slightly higher, the output to the motor will not be high.
For self power generation, variable frequency drive can better show its advantages.
According to the characteristics of the motor VF (the frequency conversion air compressor works below the rated voltage in the energy saving state), the effect is obvious for the low power grid voltage field.
Five. Low noise

Most of the working conditions of the inverter system are lower than the rated speed, and the mechanical noise and wear of the main engine will decrease, and the maintenance and service life will be extended.
If the fan is also driven by variable frequency, the noise of the air compressor can be significantly reduced.

A brief introduction to energy saving of air compressor

With the continuous progress of the society and the development of science, energy conservation has become more and more concerned about the topic, all industries in all countries are taking active and effective measures to save energy. This article will tell you about the energy saving method of air compressor.

1. Solutions to air compressor leakage and gas use

According to the authority inspection, the electric energy consumed by the air compressor is only 10% into the compressed air, and the remaining 90% is converted into heat energy. Thus, the compressed air is ten times more expensive than the electricity fee, but we often ignore this point. In most factories, the sound of air leakage can be heard everywhere, but there is no one at all. If we solve the problem of leakage, we can save a lot of energy. Therefore, when we hear the leakage, we should take appropriate measures in time. Some factories have great misunderstandings in the way of using gas. For example, in line plate manufacturers, most electroplating lines should use vibration to increase the ability to electroplating on small holes. Some manufacturers prefer to use gas vibration to achieve this purpose.

Therefore, the energy saving of air compressors should avoid improper gas consumption while dealing with the problem of leakage in time.

Two. Energy saving retrofit air compressor

There are mainly three ways to save energy for air compressor, 1. frequency conversion and speed regulation.

The frequency conversion speed regulation method is adopted to reduce the shaft power output of the air compressor motor. Before the transformation, the pressure of the air compressor reached the set pressure, that is, it will automatically unload; after the transformation, the air compressor does not discharge, but by reducing the speed to reduce the gas production in the compressor, and maintain the minimum pressure needed in the gas network. There are two places to save energy:

(1) reduce the power consumption caused by the sudden change of the compressor from unloading state to loading state.

(2) the running frequency of the motor is reduced to below the power frequency, so that the output power of the motor shaft is reduced. The above two ways all reduce the energy consumption of the air compressor in the operation process, but the air compressor produces so much heat in the working process to let it distribute white to the air, but it has not received the universal attention of the user for a long time, which can not be said to be a great regret.

2. centralized control mode

The centralized control mode is adopted for multiple air compressor.  According to the air condition, the number of operating units of the air compressor is automatically controlled. Before the transformation, the number of the opening of the air compressor is fixed.

(1) if the volume of gas is further reduced, the air compressor with good performance will stop automatically. In the case of (1), air compressors consume energy even under unloading conditions. After transformation, the air compressor with the corresponding number of units can be stopped, and the number of operating units is reduced.

(2) when the gas consumption is reduced to a certain amount, the air compressor reduces the gas production by reducing the loading time.

Heat recovery of 3. air compressor

Air compressor heat recovery is a very environmentally friendly way to save energy.

Working principle of heat recovery unit

The high temperature oil of the air compressor passes the heat to the cooling water through the superheat exchanger, and the cooling water is heated to the heat preservation bucket, which can achieve the purpose of heat recovery.

The nine advantages of variable frequency air compressor

n recent years, the voice of energy saving and emission reduction has been increasing in China, and the demand for energy saving equipment is increasing. Increasing energy conservation has also become a realistic task for the air compressor industry. The frequency conversion air compressor is an energy saving air compressor. Its advantages are as follows:

Advantage 1: set pressure at will and maintain constant pressure.
1. Under constant pressure, the unit will always maintain constant pressure gas supply of + 0.1bar pressure.
2. Satisfied users set arbitrary pressure in the range of 3 to 14bar without changing gears or belts.
(Note: the maximum pressure should be determined at the time of purchasing the machine);
3, when the volume of gas is constant, the speed decreases automatically, and the gas volume is satisfied.
4, when the gas consumption is large, the pressure remains constant and the speed is automatically compensated to ensure the supply of gas.

Advantage two: remotely controlled
With advanced control, monitoring and communication systems, users can easily obtain technical assistance from suppliers around the world through the Internet.

Advantage three: save energy
The air compressor installed with the frequency converter is compared with the traditional air compressor: the air compressor installed with the frequency converter can automatically adjust the operation of the air compressor according to the gas quantity, so that the energy saving can be saved and the effect is remarkable.

Advantage four: efficient power saving
1. With variable speed control technology, the exhaust volume of the compressor can be perfectly integrated with the user’s gas consumption, which completely avoids the loss of unloading power.
2. Under the condition of intermittent gas consumption, the peak value of current and torque can be avoided by the zero load function of soft start, so the unit can start and stop indefinitely. The 0 to 100% infinitely variable speed can be maximally controlled.
3, avoid the pressure burden of more 2bar, so that the air compressor unit can directly save energy 14%, because every reduction of 1bar working pressure can save 7% of the energy consumption.

Advantage five: prolonging the service life of the air compressor
The frequency converter starts the air compressor from 0Hz to adjust the start-up time of the air compressor, thereby reducing the impact on some electrical or mechanical parts in the air compressor, enhancing the reliability of the system and prolonging the service life of the compressor.
In addition, variable frequency control can reduce the current ripple when the unit starts, and this fluctuating current will affect the power consumption of power grids and other equipment. The three crystal inverter can effectively reduce the peak value of the starting current to a minimum.

Advantage six: more reliable
1. Variable frequency soft start avoids electric shock and avoids mechanical impact.
2, avoid the adverse factors of high-speed operation of the team.
3, no contactor, to avoid electrical contact fault;
4, release the high pressure of 2bar and reduce the probability of system leakage.

Advantage seven: energy saving, environmental protection, equipment in place, immediately activated.
Any variable frequency air compressor unit that we recommend does not need special installation foundation, low speed axial fan and modern vibration isolation and noise reduction measures, making the compressor noise very low in operation, so it is convenient for the user to place in the production site. As long as the equipment is in place, fast tube channel connection can be immediately run and start.

Advantage eight: reducing the noise of the air compressor
After the inverter is installed, the speed of the motor obviously slows down in the required working condition, and the noise generated by the air compressor is obviously reduced. According to the on-site inspection, the noise is now 3-7 dB lower than the original noise.

Advantages nine: scientific development of energy saving and emission reduction
1, frequency conversion air compressor:
2, the difference between energy saving and non frequency conversion units in a year will be three years.

The things that are measured in hardware accessories

What about the measurement of hardware accessories? The product is too small to measure, the precision is too high, there is no measuring instrument, all kinds of complex products, strange patterns, shape, inconvenient measurement, different material, and the tools used for measurement are different. And the size of the product is different, small and big big, it is also the measurement problem, the height measurement, the caliper precision is not high, the measurement accuracy is not high, and so on all kinds of problems.
Let’s solve this one by one:
1. products too small and bad measurement, small products will be measured by a caliper, but the caliper can only measure simple products, only the length and width, if the product if measured radian angle these can not be measured, then at this time we can use the image, if the product is small, we can use the smallest. The product LD-2010, the image meter he also called two yuan, image measuring instrument, measurement principle is image measurement, with upper and lower lights can be adjusted, the smallest type of measurement range is the length of 200*100mm products within 200mm can be measured, so that the product is too small, different shape, high precision requirements of the various kinds of products Requirement。
2. a variety of complex products, strange patterns, shapes, inconvenient measurement, such products can not be solved with a caliper, then the imager can directly use the professional measurement of all kinds of products, no matter how you shape, can be measured and the measurement accuracy is also very high 3um within the decision can be solved
3. have the product size different, small big big big, also the measurement problem, this measurement problem if you need to buy multiple measurement tools, it is not used, the image measuring instrument can be satisfied, the image instrument has various types of products, if your product is small small only a few silk, large products have There is a lot of 500mm within this span is too big to think of buying more than one measurement tool, in fact, you can use the image at this time, you can choose the image of the LD-5040 model of the size of the product, this time we play the key role of the key, our lens It can be adjusted, and the 28-180 multiple can be adjusted to meet the requirements of measurement. Zoom down so easy!
4. height measurement, height measurement will usually use the caliper, but the accuracy is too high, how to do the size of the three coordinate measurement and how to do it, and the three coordinates are too expensive to buy how to do, this time 2.5 yuan can be 2.5 yuan on the basis of a probe on the basis of the imager, so the two yuan is like a one. A simple three coordinate system solves the problem of measurement and solves the problem of too expensive price. Kill two birds with one stone, and not only height, but also all the plane dimensions are measurable and wide range of measurement.
Maybe we didn’t mention some problems, but if you ask questions with measurement questions, thank you.

Changes in the hardware industry in recent years

In recent years, China’s hardware industry has been growing steadily, for three reasons:
The quality of the employees is generally improved. People in the industry introduce the quality of the employees in the hardware industry in recent years. The Chinese hardware city, which is to be built in Beijing, is in charge of the Chinese hardware city, and there are no lack of doctorate and post doctoral person.
The level of technology and management is generally improved. As for the hardware enterprise’s craft and management level, it has been improved to a large extent. Some domestic enterprises have begun to introduce foreign advanced technology and management experience in the early years, so the factories like the the Great Wall Seiko have already had a high level of technology and management.
The development of the industry has entered the stage of change. At present, it is the upgrading stage of China’s hardware products, from the low end to the excessive period of high-end products. This is very beneficial to the development of the Chinese hardware industry. In the process of transferring the production of foreign products to the country, some advanced production processes including raw materials, including the raw materials, will be brought in together.
With the increasing competition in the hardware industry, there are endless changes in the hardware market. The product of famous brand has the advantage of brand, not only quality, style or after service, but “cheap goods” adapts to some temporary decoration or the need of ordinary consumers’ low-grade decoration, which makes the two pole consumer market of hardware expand continuously.
In the hardware industry, the mainstream brands with high brand awareness and some products with low prices are becoming more and more popular by consumers, gradually occupying about 80% of the consumer market, and the middle consumer space between the two is becoming smaller and smaller.
“Private subscription” is the mainstream of consumption after 80
In recent years, the competition of the hardware industry is becoming more and more fierce. The “price war” between merchants, “gold nine silver ten”, and all kinds of large holiday sales promotion make the consumers commonplace. Now, another trend of “private custom” is spreading slowly. It is particularly important for hardware enterprises to follow this trend and create products that meet the psychological needs of consumers.
With the growth of the post-80s generation of the new generation of consumer groups, the demand for the customization of the modern young people to advocate the personality and to show the self charm of the new generation is increasing rapidly, especially the higher order.  Custom hardware not only enhances the sense of participation of consumers, strengthens consumers’ trust in brands, but also gives consumers different feelings and experiences. More hardware industry development can be found in China’s report hall released in 2018 1-2 months, China’s hardware industry profit data analysis.
Enterprises need to break through the fog and break through the encirclement
The two level of the hardware market is becoming more and more serious. In addition to improving and improving the quality of its own products, the hardware enterprises should pay more attention to service. It is able to innovate in service or extend effectively on competitors and various service projects, and integrate them into a complete service system. Enterprises should pay attention to the improvement of product design, construction and matching. Only a comprehensive breakthrough and progress is the most effective way to remain invincible.
Dongguan city for the United States Hardware Factory

Analysis of the contradiction between quality and quantity of fastener products in China

In recent years, with the continuous explosion of the real estate market and the frequent arrival of large national infrastructure projects, fasteners are playing a more and more important role in our life. At the same time, the accidents caused by the quality of fastener products have occurred, and the quality and safety performance of the related products has become one. The problem of social concern.
Contradiction between quality and quantity
Most of the fastener manufacturers in China rely on cheap labor, low cost and large scale production to earn profits. Because the price of the unit product is low and the profit is meagre, the fastener enterprises have to earn more profits by increasing the output and export volume, and the technology content and the added value are low, the production technology is relatively backward, the quality concept of the related production inspectors is not strong, resulting in the poor quality of the products in the fastener market. Not all.
At present, China’s infrastructure construction is in full swing. Many hi-tech projects including high-speed railway have been launched. These high-tech projects have brought huge market to China’s fastener enterprises, and put forward higher requirements for the quality of their products. For example, fastener products used in high-speed rail and other projects require more stringent quality standards. If there are quality problems related to fasteners during high-speed rail operation, the consequences will be unthinkable.
China’s fastener industry now has obvious signs of overcapacity. For many years, the output of fasteners in our country has been ranked first in the world, and the large-scale intensive production has made the enterprise have a management loophole that only weighs the quantity and does not weigh the quality. This is very detrimental to the long-term development of the fastener industry