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Introduction to drilling machine common types of machine tools

Ancient drill – “bow roller”. Drilling technology has a long history. Archaeologists have discovered that in 4000 BC, human beings invented the device for drilling holes. The ancients erected a beam on two pillars, then hung a rotating cone downward from the beam, and then twisted the cone with bowstring to drive the cone to rotate so that it could punch holes in wood and stone. Soon afterwards, a drilling tool called a “wheelbarrow” was designed, which also uses elastic bowstring to rotate the cone.

The first drilling machine (Whitworth, 1862). Before and after 1850, German Marty G Noni first made a twist drill for metal drilling. At the International Fair in London, England, in 1862, Whitworth, an Englishman, exhibited a power-driven drilling machine for iron racks, which became the prototype of modern drilling machines.

Later, a variety of drilling machines appeared one after another, such as rocker drilling machine, drilling machine equipped with automatic tool feeding mechanism, multi-axis drilling machine that can drill multiple holes at the same time. Thanks to improvements in tool materials and drill bits and the use of electric motors, large, high-performance drilling machines were finally made.

Explanation on baffle plate of circulating cooling device for electric vehicle

Although the electric vehicle circulating cooling device is relatively hot, but Wuxi Guanya for its quality problems have been very important, baffle plate is one of the smaller part, but it is better to understand clearly or suggest that everyone understand clearly.

Spiral baffle plate is divided into single spiral baffle plate and double spiral baffle plate has the advantages of good heat transfer, pressure reduction, uniform flow, but the disadvantage is difficult to manufacture, the design point is spiral angle 5-45 degrees, suitable occasions when pressure drop is limited, easy to scale occasions.

The advantages of the baffle bar are excellent support, uniform flow, reduced pressure, and basically no vibration. The disadvantage is low heat transfer effect. The tube arrangement can only be 45 and 90 degrees. It is suitable for low pressure drop gas condensation and heat transfer.

Single-bow baffle can achieve relatively large cross-flow, the disadvantages are high pressure drop, and the window tube bundle is prone to vibration; the design point is that the baffle circular gap rate between 17% and 35%, baffle spacing between 0.2-1.0 times the shell diameter, this type of baffle is suitable for most occasions.

NITW baffle window does not distribute pipes, pipe support is perfect, does not cause tube bundle vibration, electric vehicle circulating cooling device reminds everyone that the shortcomings are the same shell diameter, less pipes, the need for large shell diameter, with a 15% baffle circular defect rate, suitable occasions are limited by gas vibration and pressure drop.

Double bow baffle has the advantage of lower pressure and better avoidance of vibration, but the disadvantage is large window flow area, the design point is 5% – 30% of the circular defect rate, the default two rows of tubes overlap, suitable for occasions when vibration and pressure constraints heat exchanger (compared to a single bow baffle).

The nest type has the advantages of superior support, uniform flow and low pressure, but its disadvantage is that the heat transfer effect is worse than that of the nest type. Egg frame support is good, manufacturing economy, the disadvantage is high temperature stress deformation, design basically no requirements.

There are many kinds of baffles in the circulating cooling device of electric vehicles. Similarly, other accessories are the same. But the choice of accessories in the circulating cooling device of Wuxi Guanya electric vehicles uses brand accessories, which can ensure the operation of the circulating cooling device of electric vehicles to a certain extent.

The performance of automatic CNC lathe

(1) NC program is the working instruction of CNC machine tool to process parts automatically.

(2) The input device converts the NC code on the program carrier into the corresponding electrical pulse signal, and transmits and stores it in the NC device.

(3) NC device is the core of CNC machine tool. It receives the pulse signal from the input device and outputs all kinds of signals and instructions to control every part of the machine tool after compiling, calculating and logic processing by the system software or logic circuit of NC device, and performs the prescribed and orderly action. After necessary translation, logical judgment and power amplification, the command signals such as main motion speed change, cutter selection exchange and auxiliary device action are directly driven by the corresponding electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical components to complete the required actions.

Main performance of ABS board

Excellent impact strength, dimensional stability, dyeing, molding and mechanical processing, high mechanical strength, high stiffness, low water absorption, corrosion resistance, simple connection, non-toxic and tasteless, with excellent chemical properties and electrical insulation. It can resist heat and deformation, and also has high impact toughness at low temperature. It is also a material which is hard to scratch and is not easy to deform. Low water absorbency and high dimensional stability. The conventional ABS board is not very white, but the toughness is very good. It can be trimmed by the guillotine or the die.

Working temperature: from -50 to +70 C.

Among them, transparent ABS board transparency is very good, grinding and polishing effect is very good, is the preferred material to replace PC board. Compared with acrylic, its toughness is very good, can meet the product meticulous processing. The disadvantage is transparent ABS relatively expensive.

Basic introduction of industrial aluminum profile accessories

Basic introduction of industrial aluminum profile accessories

It is specially used for fastening connection of industrial aluminum profile frame system. At present, the commonly used industrial aluminum profile accessories are: semi-circular head bolt, elastic fastener, flat machine bolt, cylindrical head bolt, T-bolt, flange nut, T-nut block, square nut block, elastic nut block, elastic nut block, fragment nut block, built-in connector, built-in connection. Part, corner slot connector, corner piece, strong corner piece profile corner piece, three-dimensional angle connector, steering angle piece, foot corner piece, movable hinge, slot connector, end cover plate, flat sealing slot strip, handle, door suction, spacer connector, hinge, metal hinge, foot, metal foot, caster, compound caster, Fumar wheel, etc.

How to infect customers hearts

In the entire sales process, salesmen have to say a lot, but speaking is to pay attention to methods. Below to share with you how to use words to guide the customer’s thinking and needs, how to infect the customer’s heart.

Learn to praise customers.

To put it simply, praise is to speak out the basic facts of the customer and to express their true feelings. Praise is the lubricant of human communication, and is also a necessary skill to effectively use the “soul shifting method”. Most of the time, marketers are not dealing with problems, but the mood of customers and the mood of customers.

Using “pain” to stimulate customers’ desire to buy

The motive of all human actions is not to pursue happiness, but to escape pain. At the same time, in pursuit of long-term happiness, people are willing to endure temporary pain; in order to escape long-term pain, but can give up the present happiness – this is human nature.

If the marketer can guide the customer’s humanity through the “soul-shifting method” and make the customer feel “pain” at present, only by enjoying our products can they “escape from the pain” and thus “pursue happiness”, the achievement of sales is very simple.

Learn to win orders by requesting instructions.

Negotiation is conditional exchange and position is different; negotiation is the exchange of interests, each side has its own trade-offs.

In the process of negotiating with customers, marketing staff often encounter very firm positions of customers, at this time we can take the method of consulting, to let the other party feel that we are abandoning their own interests, making concessions, so as to achieve the purpose of signing a contract.

Learn to let customers speak for themselves.

Customer rejection is mostly a “habit” at work, a habit, as we ask a person whether to drink water, he will be very accustomed to say not to drink, but if we pour water to him in front of him, he will still drink.

Because the customer is struggling, the customer is very upset, why do we have to take the money! So the sales force has a strong ability to deal with customers when faced with the “mood first, then deal with things; first deal with emotions, then reason” skills. At the same time, according to experts, if a person is praised for a long time, his mood will become pleasant, IQ will decline, the marketing staff should not be stingy to find a customer’s praise point to praise.

How important is the delivery on time after the contract is signed

Today, when I arrived at the company, I heard the elder brother of the workshop said that they were working all night to catch up with the deadline, and continued during the day to strive for regular delivery. Look at their tired faces. Life is not easy, even if we still need to continue. Putting aside all complaints, this is also a frustration. Due delivery is part of the integrity of the industry.

Our company is a machine processing industry, most of the parts are custom-made products, construction period in seven to 20 days is normal. Therefore, the time limit for signing a project usually needs to be considered. If the order is concentrated for a certain period of time, the production schedule will be very tense in the case of limited production personnel.

Parts processing, many are not high end products, but they are essential equipment for products. There are a lot of things that seem to be technically inexpensive to assemble, but the cost is staggering to estimate roughly. Material is not gold, but we are tons of stainless steel ah silly laughing material costs determine the starting point of product prices.

Our line of equipment production staff is decreasing, most of the ideas have practical experience and technology are their own factory, face the customer. We also insist on a handful of excellent technicians in the production line. Most of the new people in the industry like to make quick money and can not eat the pain of workshop production. Together with the harsh production environment, sweating in summer and shivering in winter, many young people shy away. This should be the employment problem facing most manufacturing industries. Naturally, the cost of labor is getting higher and higher. The ratio of labor cost to material cost has not been estimated, and the proportion of labor cost to equipment cost has not been carefully calculated. But this undoubtedly reduces profit margins. From technical drawing to workshop production to marketing, the so-called industry profit is only a little hard money. So, please, dear friends, do not easily say: your equipment has no technical content. This will seriously damage our industry dignity. The spaceship is high end, but do you use it? Do you use it? In fact, no matter which form exists, it is inevitable for development.

Although there are various difficulties in production, every industry has its own rules and regulations. Every boss has his own standard of employment. The equipment is authentic, ensuring quality from the root, mature technology, delivery on time, and perfect after sale. This is what the industry must do. Delivery on time is the first experience of our customers’ integrity. Honesty wins the world!

Introduction of multi axle drills

Multi spindle drilling is a vertical drill with multiple drill axes, mainly used for fast drilling, tapping, chamfering and counter facing. It is a newly developed machine tool that improves production efficiency and reduces costs at home. With the development of domestic auto parts and the fierce competition among the suppliers and suppliers, how to choose a high performance and efficient machine tool to reduce the cost of production and improve the competitiveness of the enterprise, the other is to deal with the market according to the market market. Continuously innovating and constantly improving the quality to lead the industry, the new term of machinery and equipment now emerged: multi axis drilling.

Common sense of heatstroke prevention of engineering machinery

Every year, every couple of days, there will be a lot of discomfort for their partners. Similarly, construction machinery will also undergo the test of the hot summer. Today Xiaobian specially collected the common sense of summer engineering machinery for heatstroke to share with you.

The high temperature in summer not only affects the working environment and health of the operators, but also has some harm to the engine, cooling system, hydraulic system and circuit of the excavator. In the high temperature environment, the hydraulic system often occurs slowly, the oil leakage of the hydraulic parts and pipelines, the destruction of the solenoid valve coil, the death of the hydraulic valve and the big noise, and so on. In the case of high temperature in summer, the circuit part will accelerate aging and cause the cracking of the insulating outer skin, which causes the short circuit failure to cause the fire, and the electric power in the control system. The components are also prone to failure during the high temperature season.

The summer temperature is high, the engine fan belt changes in summer because of the high temperature, resulting in the fan belt drive skidding, accelerating belt wear, if not timely adjustment will lead to engine fan belt breakage, high temperature and other failure phenomena occurred. The small cracks in the cab glass will cause cracks to expand or even break up in summer due to the large temperature difference or splashing inside and outside the cab.

The influence of high temperature on engineering machinery in summer is also shown in the following aspects: engine fuel system is prone to gas resistance, oil supply is not smooth, high temperature will reduce the performance and sealing of engine intake system, engine oil leakage and increase oil consumption. In addition, the high temperature is easy to cause the deformation of the machine parts.  Working at high temperature for a long time will lead to poor lubrication system performance, oil deterioration, and chassis and other transmission systems easily wear out.

The influence of high temperature on the engine is mainly manifested in the rapid heating of the engine. Under the condition of high temperature, the engine is easy to cause the engine “open”, the viscosity of the engine oil is reduced, the mechanical failure of the cylinder and the burning tile, as well as the output power of the engine, and the ventilation and heat dissipation of the heat sink with continuous high temperature are also reduced. More stringent requirements, the need for cooling system to stop high load operation, reduce the cooling system fan, pump and spare parts life, the use of air conditioning compressor is especially frequent, also easily lead to the engine high temperature failure.

At present, a lot of equipment use units or individuals can realize the importance of equipment changing maintenance, but there are still shortcomings in the maintenance of knowledge, or inadequate maintenance.

The main performance is: for the summer maintenance more is in front of the maintenance of the maintenance expenses, not willing to replace the high grade of lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, the engine, hydraulic system filter core selected by auxiliary factory or small workshop to customize, the summer temperature is high, the engine cooling liquid in place of antifreeze, ignore the operator The working environment of the staff is very small for the maintenance of the air conditioning system, resulting in the operation environment like “sauna”.

These small cost saves the life and performance of the equipment, is not conducive to the health of the operators, and even increases the resistance of the equipment, and is not conducive to the safe operation of the equipment. In addition, it can be maintained in accordance with the time or mileage required by the equipment, but it can not be maintained in combination with the climate and working conditions. It likes to maintain the equipment with some so-called four seasons oil and liquid, and the maintenance frequency can make the equipment always in good condition. This will not only waste money, but also can not really achieve the purpose of reducing equipment failure rate.

Do a good job of maintenance of engineering machinery and equipment. The driver needs to maintain a comprehensive maintenance and maintenance of the engineering machinery, such as the “heart” part diesel engine of the whole machine. As the temperature increases, the viscosity of the lubricating oil decreases, the lubrication performance decreases, and the power will decrease, and the internal parts are prone to early wear. Therefore, during the summer construction, the engine’s “three filters” and oil must be replaced in time, the belt is replaced or adjusted, and the performance of the fan, water tank, generator and compressor must be checked, and the maintenance, maintenance or replacement should be made when necessary.

For the long time construction machinery, we should improve the viscosity grade of the oil according to the difference of the season, and check whether the cooling system and the fuel system are unobstructed. And replace worn wires, plugs, tubing, screws, and fastening fuel lines to prevent fuel leakage. And clean up the oil and dirt of the engine fuselage to ensure that the engine is “light loaded” and has good heat dissipation. Engine oil and all lubricants need to be replaced and used in summer. When missing, they should be replenished in time.

Replenish the battery electrolyte in time and ensure that the circuit connections need to be solid and reliable. In addition, the aging lines need to be replaced, and the fuse capacity should meet the safety requirements.

When it is shut down, it is suggested that the construction machinery and equipment should be placed in a cool place as far as possible, so as to avoid exposure to the fuselage. And, for example, wheeled equipment, it is recommended to reduce tire pressure properly so as to prevent tire burst after work.

The structure and operation of the pipe bending machine

(1) wheel model (BENDING DIE)
Install: A, take the wheel die retaining nut in reverse clockwise direction (FIG-7 (1)). B, put the wheel die, and then lock the nut to lock the nut.
(2) clamping die (CLAMP DIE)
Installation: A, pull out clamping die fixing centering shaft (FIG-7 (2)). B. Put the clamping die in, and then insert the fixed mandrel.
Adjust: A, fix the clamping seat (FIG-7 (3) to relax, and then put the control panel in manual mode, press the pinch button (FIG-7 (3) to the end of the clamping line. ” At this time, there should be clearance between the clamping die of the wheel die, and the adjusting screw can be clamped by the mold base (FIG-7 (4) to adjust).
B, adjust the clamping screw adjustment screw (FIG-7 (4), so that the clamping die and wheel mold are fully sealed.
C, press the back button (FIG-4 (6)) to back the clamping die, then rotate the clamping adjusting screw (FIG-7 (4)) in clockwise direction about 1/2-1/4 circle.
D, then fix the clamping nut (FIG-7 (3)).
(3) guide mode (PRESSURE DIE)
Installation: A, remove the guide screw (FIG-7 (8)), and then insert the guided die.
B, lock the guide screw.
Adjustment: A, the guide die seat fixed nut (FIG-7 (5) relaxation, and then the control panel in manual mode, press the pinch button (3) to the guide die end end (at this time between the wheel and guide die between the gap, can be adjusted by the guide die screw (FIG-7 (6) to adjust.
B, adjust the guide adjusting screw (FIG-7 (6), make the guide die and wheel die fully closed.
C, press or withdraw button (FIG-4 (6), then adjust the guide screw (FIG-7 (6) in clockwise direction about 1/2-1/4 circle.
D, then fix the guide pin screw (FIG-7 (6)).
(4) mandrel
Installation: A, put the mandrel clockwise into the heart stick.
B, then fix the mandrel fixing screw (FIG-7 (8)).
(Note that the mandrel must match the bending direction of the elbow)
Tubular regularization
When designing and piping, avoid excessive arcs, arbitrary curves, composite bending and arcs greater than 180 degrees. Too large arc not only makes the tooling heavy, but also restricted by the size of the machine tool. The design of arbitrary curve and compound bend is very unreasonable, which greatly hinders the mechanization and automation of production and makes it difficult for the operator to get rid of the heavy manual labor; the circular arc is more than 180 degrees so that the bending machine can not unload the mold.
Standardization of bending radius
The bending radius should be realized as “one tube, one mold” and “multi tube one mode”. For a pipe, no matter how many bending or bending angles, the bending radius can only have one, because the bending machine does not change the module during the bending process, this is “one tube and one mold”. And “multi tube one mode”, that is, the same diameter pipe should be the same kind of bending radius, that is to use the same set of modules to bend the shape of different shapes, which is beneficial to reduce the number of modules.
Bending radius
The size of the bending radius determines the resistance of the pipe during bending. Generally speaking, the diameter of the pipe is small, and the inner wrinkle and skidding are easy to appear when bending. The bending quality is difficult to guarantee, so the R value of the bending die is 2-3 times as good as the pipe diameter.
Bending speed
The main influence of the bending forming speed on the forming quality is that the speed is too fast to cause the flat of the bend part of the catheter, and the roundness can not reach the requirement, which causes the pulling and breaking of the catheter; it is too slow to cause the wrinkling of the catheter and the slipping of the pressing block, and the pipe of the large pipe is easily formed into the sink of the pipe bending part. In view of the large number of tests on the two CNC bender, it is advisable to determine the bending speed of the pipe as 20%-40% of the maximum bending speed of the machine.
Mandrel and its position
In the course of bending, mandrel plays the role of supporting the inner wall of the bending radius of the pipe to prevent its deformation. If the domestic pipe is bent on the machine tool, the quality of the pipe can hardly be guaranteed without using the mandrel. There are many kinds of mandrel, such as column mandrel, universal single, double, three or four ball mandrel, directional single and multi ball mandrel. In addition, the position of the mandrel has a certain influence on the bending of the pipe. In theory, its tangent line should be flat with the tangent of the bend die. But after a large number of experiments, it has been proved that 1 to 2mm is better in advance, and the quality of the pipe is ideal at this time. Of course, too much advance can cause the appearance of the “goose head” on the outer wall of the curved part.