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Reduce noise produced by CNC machining

Mechanical equipment will always have some sound when it is in operation. It is very difficult to completely mute it. Although we can not completely control the noise, we can use some methods to generate bottoming noise. Then we will learn how to reduce the noise generated during CNC parts processing?

  1. Civilized production: more than 30% of gear transmission noise is caused by burr and bump. It is a passive way to remove burr and bump before gearbox assembly in some precision mechanical parts processing factories.
  2. Ensure the accuracy of gear blank: the accuracy of gear hole size is required to be distributed around the middle difference of the deviation value of the hole, which is set at ± 0.003 ~ ± 0.005mm; if the error is out of tolerance and within the design requirements of the hole, it must be classified and transferred to the gear cutting process.
  3. Control gear accuracy: the basic requirements of gear accuracy: after practical verification, the gear accuracy must be controlled at the level of gb10995-887 ~ 8, and the linear speed should be higher than 20m / s. The limit deviation of pitch, radial runout tolerance of gear ring and tooth alignment tolerance must be stable and reach the accuracy of grade 7

CNC processing piecework method

Piece counting is one of the most basic movements in the die and mold industry, and the piece counting performance of the CNC machine tool is often related to the performance of its internal parts. What are the piecework methods of CNC machining center? Let’s have a brief understanding of the following:

CNC machining center piecework is related to the detailed mechanical system. Some systems are easy to use, and the program only needs to be implemented once, which can be automatically memorized, and then can be modified after configuring the code required by users. Therefore, these piecework methods will improve the work efficiency. Compared with other mold machinery, machining center is a relatively easy-to-use product. It is not only highly automatic, but also has good work efficiency. It is more and more in the way of piecework, which seems to be a tedious process. In such a machine, it can be finished easily, so the machine will be very popular.

Every machine that can play a major role in the industrial production movement is originally a major product to maintain. The most important part of CNC machining center is its programming software, and the appearance of CNC machining center programming software ensures the excellent performance of the machine in the process of operation. CNC machining center piecework is related to the detailed mechanical system. Some systems are easy to use, and the program only needs to be implemented once, which can be automatically memorized, and then can be modified after configuring the code required by users. Therefore, these piecework methods will improve the work efficiency. CNC machining center programming software may have a number of choices, some software is relatively simple, so learning is also very easy, welcomed by users, and in all the mold industry, the use of contrast more often than some brand famous contrast high, of course, about its use will also put forward some good demand for the elite.

The above is the CNC machining center piece work method, I hope to help you

Machining precautions

In order to ensure the quality of the product, we need to be careful in the operation to reduce the probability of error. Therefore, there are many matters needing attention when operating. But many new users don’t know what matters should be paid attention to when operating. What are the precautions for machining?

  1. The clamping method of mechanical parts processing should reasonably choose the positioning datum and clamping scheme

When setting our benchmark, we should follow the two principles of “benchmark unification” and “benchmark coincidence”.

  1. In large-scale machining, all surface processing should be completed in one positioning and clamping as far as possible. Therefore, it is necessary to select a positioning method that is easy to process all surfaces of the workpiece.
  2. When determining the position of the workpiece on the worktable, we must consider the influence of the processing of each position, the length of the tool and the stiffness of the tool on the machining quality.
  3. The fixture used in machining should be assembled by common parts and can be adjusted as far as possible, which can effectively shorten the production preparation cycle.

Problems needing attention in arranging large machining sequence

(1) In order to arrange the machining sequence, we must follow the basic principles of “surface before hole” and “rough first and then fine”.

(2) Determine the tool point and tool change point, once determined, not suitable for replacement.

(3) According to the centralized process of cutting tools, the same tool can be avoided to be reused, and the times and time of tool replacement can be reduced.

(4) For the hole system with very high coaxiality requirement, the hole system in other coordinate positions should be processed after the completion of all the processing of the hole system after one positioning, which can effectively eliminate the error caused by repeated positioning and improve the coaxiality of the hole system.

CNC machining fixture requirements

Fixture is an essential part of CNC machining center. Each CNC machining center will use fixture. According to the different products processed, the fixture used is different, and the requirements for fixture are different. However, CNC machining center has similar requirements for fixture, and special workpiece has different requirements for fixture. So what are the requirements of CNC machining center for fixture? Let’s have a brief understanding:

  1. High precision fixture

As we all know, CNC machining center has a very high precision, which is usually used to process parts or molds with high precision. For this reason, CNC machining center also puts forward the requirements of fixture high-precision positioning and installation, as well as the requirements of transposition and positioning accuracy.

  1. The fixture should be convenient and fast when clamping the workpiece

In order to meet the high-speed machining fixture of CNC machining center, hydraulic and pneumatic fast locking power is adopted, especially for the workpiece locking with long processing time. The general hydraulic clamping system will be attached with a storage device, which can supplement the internal leakage and prevent the workpiece from loosening on the fixture.

  1. The fixture should be open

CNC machining center is processed by the tool contacting the workpiece. Under the clamping of the workpiece, the workpiece should provide relatively spacious operation space for the fast moving tool and tool changing quick action. Especially for the complex workpiece with multiple tool changes, the fixture structure should be as simple, convenient, fast and open as possible to make the tool easy to enter and exit, and prevent the tool from colliding with the fixture workpiece in the process of processing.

  1. The fixture should have high adaptability

We all know that CNC machining center is flexible and multi deformation, so the fixture should have high efficiency adaptability to different workpiece and different clamping.

The above is the CNC machining center on the clamp requirements, I hope to help you.

Hardware processing precautions

Hardware products are very common in our life and often need to be used. But I believe you are not familiar with the word of hardware processing, and even more unfamiliar with this process. Because usually in life contact is the finished product, we do not know the process, so the following small series to take you to understand what matters need to pay attention to in the hardware processing?

1、 The design of drawings should be precise, detailed and accurate

Some of our drawings are provided by our customers, and some are designed by ourselves. After the design is completed, we should print a complete set of drawings and check them carefully. It is better to use 3D design software to complete assembly once and check the size of each part.

2、 The compilation of the detailed list should be fully consistent with the actual situation

The preparation of detailed list is a meticulous work. Every spare part should be checked carefully, and it should be compared with the model plate and drawing on site. There should be no mistakes, omissions or more.

3、 Die acceptance can not be sloppy

Mold acceptance is a highly professional work, product developers, mold designers, mold manufacturing personnel should participate in it, mold material, part size, mold structure rationality, life are very important indicators.

4、 Problems should be found in product trial assembly and sample production

The purpose of product trial assembly is to find out the problems, record the problems and solve them one by one.

5、 The product code should be checked carefully

Product tagging is the most error prone place, we also have many lessons in this respect. The name, quantity, material and technical requirements of parts and components are very important data. If a certain data is wrong, it will cause great economic losses to the enterprise. Especially for the loan parts, the product tagging personnel, developers and technicians must check carefully.

The above points are in the hardware processing need to pay attention to the matters, want to learn more information, welcome to visit our website

Notes on NC machining

CNC lathe processing is a kind of high precision and high efficiency automatic machine tool, which uses digital information to control the displacement of parts and tools. So what do you need to pay attention to when processing CNC lathe? Let’s have a simple understanding:

  1. Pay attention to the choice of cutting parameters

The cutting speed, feed rate and cutting depth of CNC Lathe will directly lead to tool damage. With the increase of cutting speed, the tool tip temperature will rise, which will cause mechanical, chemical and physical related wear. When the cutting speed is increased by 20%, the tool life will be reduced by 1 / 2. The influence of feed rate on tool wear is smaller than that of cutting speed, but when the feed rate is large and the cutting temperature rises, the tool wear will be greater. Although the influence of cutting depth on the tool is not as great as the cutting speed and feed rate, when the cutting depth is small, the hard layer of the material to be cut will also affect the tool life.

  1. Focus on tool selection

1) In rough turning, the tool with high strength and good durability should be selected to meet the requirements of large back cutting and large feed rate. CNC programming UG communication Q group: 304214709, want to learn NC programming, get no taste of learning raw materials plus this group Oh

2) When finishing turning, the tool with high precision and good durability should be selected to ensure the machining accuracy.

3) In order to reduce the time of tool change and simple tool setting, machine clamping tool and machine clamping blade should be selected.

CNC machining

  1. Pay attention to the selection of fixture

1) Although the general fixture is used to clamp the workpiece, the special fixture is prevented;

2) Parts positioning datum coincide to reduce positioning deviation.

  1. Pay attention to the affirmation of processing route

Machining route refers to the moving track and target of tool relative to parts in the process of NC lathe machining.

1) The machining accuracy and surface roughness requirements shall be guaranteed;

2) The processing route should be reduced to reduce the tool idle travel time.

In the process of NC lathe processing, we should pay attention to the above four concerns. Only by choosing the most appropriate NC lathe processing method can we improve the processing efficiency and accuracy of NC lathe processing.

The above is CNC lathe processing need to pay attention to, hope to help you.

Causes of tool breakage in CNC machining

In the process of work, it is very normal to have trouble, so we should not be too surprised when we encounter a fault. If we want to avoid more failures, we should do a good job of maintenance outside of work. Many new users do not know what to do when they encounter a fault. If you want to solve the problem, you should first find the source of the problem Let’s find out what causes CNC processing?

  1. Maybe it’s the tool. Sometimes it’s not our operation that’s wrong, it’s the accessories. Because the tool is not sharp enough and the strength is not enough, all these reasons will lead to the tool breaking.
  2. It can also be due to material problems, when the aluminum alloy shell is not uniform, uneven soft and hard, or too many impurities can lead to problems.
  3. For clamping, we need to see whether the aluminum alloy shell is clamped firmly and whether the clamp is locked. These reasons are worthy of our attention.
  4. There is also the problem of machine tools. CNC machining machine tool level; whether the voltage is stable; whether the machine lead screw aging and other reasons
  5. The problem of the program is: when writing the aluminum alloy shell processing program, whether the spindle motor speed is too low; whether the cutting amount is too large; whether the machining allowance is reasonable; whether the aluminum chip discharge is smooth.

The above problems are the causes of tool breakage in NC machining. To solve the problem, we must first find out what causes it, so that we can better solve the problem. Today’s editor will talk about it first. If you want to know more information, please visit our website

Hardware processing precision factors

The precision of hardware parts almost determines the quality of the product. The more precise the hardware parts are, the higher the precision requirements will be. So what are the factors leading to the machining accuracy of hardware parts? Let’s have a brief understanding:

One factor is the poor machining accuracy of the parts themselves. Generally speaking, if the dynamic deviation between shafts is not adjusted well during installation, it may also be because the shaft drive chain changes due to wear, which will affect the accuracy of the parts. Generally speaking, it is advisable to adjust the compensation amount from the beginning in order to check the accuracy caused by the deviation of this variety. If the deviation is too large and even if an alarm occurs, it is necessary to check the servo motor to see if its speed is too high.

The two factors are that the overshoot during the operation of the machine tool will also affect the processing accuracy. It is possible that the acceleration and deceleration time is too short, and the appropriate lengthening of the transition time. Of course, it is also very likely that the link between the lead screw and the servo motor is loose.

The three factors are the roundness out of tolerance caused by the linkage of the two shafts, the axial deformation of the circle caused by the mechanical failure, the compensation error of the screw clearance of the shaft, or the deviation of the shaft positioning, which may affect the precision of the detailed parts.

These are the factors that lead to the accuracy of hardware parts processing, I hope to help you.

Repeated positioning error factors

Careful hardware processing is to process raw materials (stainless steel, copper, aluminum, iron, etc.) into a variety of high-density parts by lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, polishing machines, etc. according to the customer’s drawings or samples, such as: screws, motor shafts, mold car parts, fishing gear accessories, dog bones. What are the factors affecting the repeated positioning error? Here we are simple Explain it

  1. The installation deviation of workpieces in the flow between different machine tools: when turning from ordinary machine tools to numerical control machine tools in the process of careful hardware processing, it is necessary to install them from the beginning, so that the repeated positioning deviation of workpieces cannot be prevented. If EDM is also required, the repeated positioning deviation will be increased.

CNC machining

  1. Workpiece repeatedly clamping deviation on the same machine tool: when using ordinary machine tool to process metal parts carefully, if several surfaces need to be processed, several clamping and installation are required. Such repeated positioning deviation will be the sum of repeated installation deviation.

The above are the factors that affect the repeated positioning error. I hope it can help you.

Machining attention

Details? I believe many people are very surprised, because we generally only say what matters to pay attention to? Details are generally less noticed. Many users are like this, but Xiaobian here to remind you that the quality of a product, the success or failure is often determined by some small details, I believe you have heard this sentence, so when doing things, pay more attention to some small details is certainly not wrong, so let’s understand what details should be paid attention to when machining?

(1) The designed process specification shall ensure the processing quality of machine parts (or the assembly quality of the machine) and meet the technical requirements specified in the design drawing.

(2) It is necessary to make the technological process have higher productivity and put the products on the market as soon as possible.

(3) Try to reduce manufacturing costs

(4) Pay attention to reduce the labor intensity of workers to ensure the safety of production.

The above points are the matters needing attention in machining. For more information, please visit our website