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CNC thread processing method

Thread machining is one of the important applications of CNC machining center. The quality and efficiency of thread processing directly affect the quality of parts and the production efficiency of machining center.

With the improvement of CNC machining center performance and tool performance, the thread processing method is also constantly improved, and the accuracy and efficiency of thread processing are also gradually improved. In order to make the technical personnel reasonably choose the thread processing mode in the processing process, improve the production efficiency and avoid quality accidents, several thread processing methods commonly used in the CNC machining center are summarized as follows:

  1. Tap processing method
  2. Classification and characteristics of tap processing

Tapping is the most commonly used method for machining threaded holes, which is mainly applicable to the threaded holes with smaller diameter (d < 30) and lower hole position accuracy.

In the 1980s, the flexible development method was adopted for all threaded holes. That is to say, the tap was equipped with a flexible tapping chuck. The clamping and tapping chuck could compensate for the errors caused by the uneven rotation speed of the spindle due to the axial propulsion of the machine tool, so as to ensure the correct pitch.

Flexible tapping chuck has complex structure, high cost, easy damage and low processing efficiency. In recent years, the performance of CNC machining center has gradually improved, and the rigid tapping function has become the basic configuration of CNC machining center.

Therefore, rigid tapping becomes the main method of thread processing.

CNC machining

The rigid spring chuck is used to clamp the tap, so that the spindle enters the spindle, and the rotation speed is controlled by the machine tool to keep consistency.

Compared with the flexible tapping chuck, the spring chuck has the advantages of simple structure, low price and wide application. In addition to clamping taps, it can also clamp end mills, drills and other tools, which can reduce the cost of cutting tools. At the same time, the use of rigid tapping can carry out high-speed cutting, improve the efficiency of the machining center and reduce the manufacturing cost.

  1. Determine the bottom hole of thread before tapping

The processing of thread bottom hole has a great influence on the service life of tap and thread processing quality. In general, the diameter of bottom hole drill is close to the upper limit of tolerance.

For example, if the diameter of the bottom hole of M8 threaded hole is Ф 6.7 + 0.27 mm, select some diameter of Ф 6.9 mm. In this way, the machining allowance of the tap can be reduced, the load of the tap can be reduced, and the service life of the tap can be improved.

  1. Click Select

When selecting taps, the corresponding taps should be selected according to the different processing materials. Tool companies should produce different types of taps according to the different processing materials. Special attention should be paid to the selection.

Because the tap is very sensitive to the processed material relative to milling cutter and boring cutter. For example, using cast iron taps to process aluminum parts is easy to cause thread teeth, random thread and even broken tap, resulting in workpiece scrapping. Secondly, pay attention to the difference between through tap and blind tap. The guide rail at the front end of the through-hole tap is longer, and the chip removal is the front-end chip removal.

The front guide plate of the blind hole is short, and the chip removal is the rear guide plate. It is impossible to ensure the depth of thread processing by using through-hole tap to process blind hole. In addition, if a flexible tapping chuck is used, the diameter and width square of the tapping handle should be the same as that of the tapping chuck; the diameter of the rigid tapping tap handle should be the same as that of the spring sleeve. In short, only reasonable selection of taps can ensure the smooth processing.

“Hardware processing” business change and development

All kinds of raw materials, that is, all kinds of metal resources, use different machine tools or machines or be processed according to the requirements to make various parts with different performance and different types, that is, hardware processing. In life, there are too many products will carry out different functions of the operation, but in the process of parts operation, for the hardware processing are will have a certain function index, also will get different function test process. Hardware processing will also have a different development status.

Therefore, in the operation process of different functions, different hardware processing products will be used, and the operation trend of various processes will be carried out. The use of hardware processing will get different process realization, but in the operation process of different processing technology, it will also get more steps of operability, and will be assigned to the control, and will also get the use of appropriate processing technology. Among them, in the process of carrying out different processing processes, they will be based on different processing steps to get the appropriate engineering processing process.

But in the development process of hardware processing, will be based on different control process, to get the appropriate engineering processing trend, for the hardware processing enterprises, are will carry out different economic control process, ensure that all kinds of processing industry will get different process realization, also will get different control trend, among which in the enterprise In the development trend, will also be in accordance with the better development status quo, for the development trend of the enterprise, to carry out more process realization. Therefore, it is not only the need to carry out the reform of the economic system, for the institutionalization of hardware processing innovation process, there will be different trends

Technological process of “precision hardware processing”

In fact, the metal processing is in accordance with the specified process to achieve, but in the process of different types of metal processing, will ensure the development of different operations. Then in the trend of ensuring the appropriate steps, more technical and functional implementation will be obtained. Therefore, in the process of getting more metal precision, it will also ensure the realization trend of more functionality. The development of precision hardware processing, will be based on the actual use of metal resources to get more technical innovation trend.

So in the process of processing different metal resources, we will control the process according to the actual ability to ensure the rational use of resources. In the control process of ensuring more processing technology, the implementation of better steps will be obtained. In the process of precision hardware processing, new changes and process utilization will be carried out for the modern processing trend. In the process of ensuring the processing steps, different performance will be obtained to carry out better ability control process. Among them, in the process of specified ability control, there will be the realization of new capabilities.

Among them, in the process of different utilization of metal, the society will carry out more metal utilization, to carry out the operation process of more metal products and equipment, among which, in the process of using more capabilities, all will have the control trend of appropriate functions, so in the process of using different properties, it will ensure that more and more metal products and equipment will be used More metal utilization process, then in the implementation process of the appropriate process, will ensure the actual ability of the utilization process. If you have more interest in precision hardware processing,

Advantages of CNC machining technology

Computer digital control technology, is what we call numerical control technology, for a variety of fields for different technical support and technical changes, but in the specified operation process, it will also ensure the development of modern technology and the realization of technology, but in the operation trend of specified functions, it will control different computer capabilities The process, especially the application of numerical control technology in CNC machining field, will carry out different development and technology utilization process, in which for the development trend of CNC machining industry, will carry out different function realization and technical support, to maintain different technical processing products.

In the process of the development of numerical control technology, before is the traditional type of mechanical processing, there is not too much technical support process. With more technological changes and innovation process, there are different processing and processing trends for technology, which will ensure the realization of different capabilities. Therefore, in the process of more operation and technology utilization, C can be used NC machining to carry out the specified process to achieve better processing technology utilization and control process, which in the process of using more technology, will be in accordance with different processes to carry out simple ability utilization and realization.

Then in the process of different technical support, the processing trend will get new capabilities. However, in the control process of different functions, different technologies and process changes will be obtained. Therefore, it will also get new CNC machining applied to different projects, to get more capacity changes and technology operation trend. So in the development of different numerical control technology, will be the designated process, to carry out a simple ability change process. For CNC machining

Advantages of precision hardware processing

With the rapid development of the processing industry, some of our processing industries are also in continuous development. The precision hardware processing is the same, and the development is still very good. What are its advantages and why is it so popular?

  1. CNC machining precision of precision hardware shaft is high, with stable processing quality;
  2. It can carry out multi coordinate linkage and process complex shape parts;
  3. When the CNC machining parts of precision hardware are changed, only the NC program needs to be changed, which can save the production preparation time;

Tangxia precision hardware processing

  1. The machine tool itself has high precision and rigidity, so it can choose favorable processing amount and high productivity (generally 3 to 5 times of ordinary machine tool);
  2. High degree of automation of machine tools can reduce labor intensity;

Advantages of CNC machining

With the change of the times, our very products need to be processed to get the corresponding effect, and the processing method is also very good, not only to get that effect, CNC processing is one of them, so where are the advantages of CNC processing reflected?

① A large number of tooling is reduced, and complex tooling is not needed to process parts with complex shapes. If you want to change the shape and size of parts, you only need to modify the part processing program, which is suitable for the development and modification of new products.

② CNC machining has the advantages of stable machining quality, high machining precision and high repetition accuracy, which can meet the processing requirements of aircraft.

CNC machining

③ In the case of multi variety and small batch production, the production efficiency is higher, the time of production preparation, machine tool adjustment and process inspection can be reduced, and the cutting time is reduced due to the use of the best cutting amount.

④ It can machine complex surface which is difficult to process by conventional method, and even can process some parts which cannot be observed.

The reason of tool unbalance in CNC machining

In the process of processing, there will be a variety of problems, these problems are often occurred, may be because we do not operate well in the process of operation, caused by CNC machining is the same, so what are the causes of CNC machining tool imbalance?

The main reason for CNC machining is that the tool design is asymmetric, there are defects in the tool body, and all the adjustment of the tool. The correct balance of the tool can significantly reduce noise and vibration, which increases the tool life and improves the accuracy consistency of parts.

The centrifugal force of CNC machining center is proportional to the square of velocity to amplify the vibration caused by unbalance. The vibration increase of CNC machining center caused by the machining center minimizes the service life of bearing bush, bearing, shaft, spindle and gear.

Before balancing the tool in CNC machining center, it is necessary to measure the unbalance and the angle position of each selected correction plane. These variables are measured on two general types of balancing machines: non rotating or gravity machines are used to measure single plane unbalance, while rotary or centrifuge is used to measure single plane or two plane unbalance.

After measuring the magnitude and angle of the unbalance in the correct plane, you can correct it by adding or removing material from the workpiece. For the components which are not tools, the most widely used material adding method of drilling center is welding counterweight on the components.

Characteristics of CNC machine tools

CNC (numerical control machine tool) is the abbreviation of computer numerical control machine tool. It is an automatic machine tool equipped with program control system. The control system can process and decode the program with control code or other symbol instructions logically, so that the machine tool can move and process parts. Today we’ll take a look at its characteristics.

The operation and monitoring of CNC machine tools are all completed in this CNC unit, which is the brain of CNC machine tools. Compared with ordinary machine tools, CNC machine tools have the following characteristics:

1、 High machining precision and stable machining quality;

2、 It can carry out multi coordinate linkage and process complex shape parts;

3、 When the machining parts are changed, only the NC program needs to be changed, which can save the production preparation time;

Prospect of CNC processing

CNC is also called computer gong, cncch or CNC machine tool. In fact, it is a kind of name in Hong Kong. Later, it was introduced into the Pearl River Delta of the mainland. It is actually a CNC milling machine. In Guangzhou, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, there are people called “CNC machining center”. General CNC machining usually refers to precision machining, CNC machining lathe, CNC milling machine, CNC boring milling machine, etc. Today we will talk about the prospect of CNC processing industry.

As an industry widely used in the market for mold processing and production, with the development of market economy, the decline of demand and the increase of peer competition pressure, technological breakthrough or price war is urgent.

1、 From the technical reform, the future development center must make a breakthrough from the most basic technology, realize the multi-directional upgrading from the mechanical and operational aspects, and achieve the technical update of the industry. Only with unique technology can we better cope with the future competition.

2、 In terms of service improvement, the competition in the industry is not only in technology, but also in service. Service is the relationship. If the service is done well, customers will continue to choose cooperation. Therefore, in the limited time, we should improve the service in essence.

Automatic processing quality

For the quality of processing, it depends on what factors, including many, may be the processing method, may also depend on the material, these are possible, automatic parts processing is the same, then the quality of automatic parts processing depends on what reason?

The quality of the machine depends on the processing quality of the parts and the assembly quality of the machine. The machining quality of the parts includes the machining accuracy and the surface quality of the parts. The machining accuracy refers to the degree to which the actual geometric parameters of the parts are consistent with the ideal geometric parameters. The difference between them is called machining error. The size of machining error reflects the level of machining accuracy. The larger the error is, the lower the machining accuracy is, the smaller the error is, the higher the machining accuracy is; the main factors affecting the machining accuracy are: dimensional accuracy, the conformity between the actual size of the part after processing and the tolerance zone center of the part size.

The machining error of Automatic Parts reflects the machining accuracy. The larger the error is, the lower the machining accuracy is, the smaller the error is, the higher the machining accuracy is; the main factors affecting the machining accuracy are: dimensional accuracy, the conformity between the actual size of the part after processing and the tolerance zone center of the part size. Compared with the method of producing parts with die casting die, it avoids the uneconomical of opening the die when manufacturing small batch parts, and shortens the production cycle greatly. At the same time, the correct clamping and positioning and reasonable processing technology make the processed parts have high precision and surface finish, which is not achieved by die casting process. Moreover, the density of extruded aluminum profile is higher than that of die casting. In addition, this method is different from the general single part machining production, it can batch produce a bed of parts. If the working table of the machine tool is large enough, the bottom plate can be made larger, and several aluminum materials can be arranged at a time, then the processing efficiency can be further improved and the number of tool changes is relatively reduced. If there are features on the side of the part to be processed, such as a round hole to be drilled, then after the part is cut off on the B side, the fixture shall be manufactured, and the part shall be installed