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Innovative technology and production development path of drum screen washing machine

First, product introduction
The roller screen provides a simple, efficient and economical solution for all kinds of raw materials, and also provides optimization for subsequent mineral processing technology. This method helps reduce mineral processing and reduce investment costs, while allowing rapid and mass mineral processing. After treatment, raw materials can directly enter all kinds of mineral processing equipment, such as centrifugal concentrator, spiral chute, jig, etc.
Gravity concentrating equipment.

Two. The principle of work
Drum washing machine mainly consists of motor, reducer, drum device, frame, sealing cover and inlet and outlet. The roller device is tilted on the rack. The electric motor is connected with the drum device through a coupling, and the driving roller device rolls around its axis. Because the material is turned and moved in the drum screen, the material in the sieve can be ejected to prevent the screen hole from being blocked.  The principle and structure of the roller washing machine and the moving screen are almost the same.

Three. The course of development
Along with the development and utilization of space more and more extensive, the corresponding roller washing machine technology level requirements are also higher and higher. We constantly improve the handling capacity and fineness of the roller washing machine to make it efficient in use. It is absolutely safe and practical to choose such a roller screen, and it can extend the service life of the drum sieving machine and improve the production efficiency of the entire production line.

EDM line cutting fluid

The wire cutting machine can be divided into high speed wire EDM machine (Reciprocating type High Speed Wire cut Electrical Discharge Machining commonly known as “fast wire”) and low speed unidirectional wire EDM machine (Low Speed one-way). Three types of Vertical Wire Electrical Discharge Machining machine tool With Rotation Wire). It can also be divided into single column cross worktable type and double column type (commonly known as Longmen type) according to the working table. [1]
Wire cutting machine for wire EDM
The wire speed of the reciprocating wire WEDM is 6~12 mm/s, which is a unique product of our country. Since September 1970, the “digital program automatic control line cutting machine” was developed by the national general wind machinery plant of the Ministry of machinery industry third, which was first created in China. In 1972, third the Ministry of machine building made a technical appraisal of the CKX CNC WEDM produced by the factory. In 1973, according to the decision of the third Ministry of machine building, the CNC WEDM machine, numbered CKX – 1, began mass production. In September 1981, DK3220 type coordinate NC machine with taper cutting function was successfully developed. The biggest feature of the product is the 1.5 degree taper cutting function. The major technical improvement of the wire cutting machine is completed. With the gradual improvement of large taper cutting technology, great progress has been made in cutting taper, upper and lower specialties. With the breakthrough of large thickness cutting technology, the accuracy of cross section and vertical section has been greatly improved, and the processing thickness can exceed 1000mm. The reciprocating wire cutting machine has more advantages. At the same time, it meets the needs of customers at home and abroad. The number of this kind of machine tool is increasing at a fast speed, from the output of 2~3 1000 units to an annual output of tens of thousands of units. At present, the stock of the national reciprocating wire cutting machine tool has reached more than 20 units. It has been used in various middle and low grade mould manufacturing and special parts processing, which has become one of the most widely used machines in our CNC machine tools. However, because the reciprocating wire cutting machine can not carry out constant tension control on the electrode wire, the electrode wire shakes greatly, and it is easy to break the wire during the process. As electrical grade wire is reciprocating, it will cause electrode wire loss, machining accuracy and surface quality.
Low speed one-way wire EDM wire cutting machine
The low speed wire cutting electrical wire is used as a tool electrode with copper wire as a tool electrode, and the pulse voltage of 60~300V is applied between copper wire and copper, steel or super hard alloy, and the 5~50um gap is maintained between copper wire and copper, steel or super hard alloy, and the gap is filled with deionized water (close to distilled water) and so on, so that the electric power is filled with 0.2mm/s. The spark discharge between the poles and the processed objects is consumed and corroded, and numerous small pits are etched out on the surface of the workpiece. Through the monitoring and control of the NC control and control, the servo mechanism is executed to make the discharge uniform and so that the machined objects are processed to make it fit the required size and shape precision. Products. At present, the accuracy is up to 0.001mm, and the surface quality is also close to the grinding level. The electrode wire is no longer used after discharge, and the non resistance electrolytic power supply is usually equipped with automatic wire drawing and constant tension device. The work is stable, uniform, small jitter, high machining accuracy and good surface quality, but it is not suitable to process large thickness workpieces. Because of the high precision, high technology content and high price of machine tools, the cost of using machine tools is also high. [1]
The single way wire electrical discharge machine (WEDM) has only the unique type of foreign companies in the early stage. The low speed WEDM in Taiwan started late, but it has developed rapidly over the past few years. One of the key measures is to make a joint contribution by a number of machine tool manufacturing enterprises, with the support of some departments concerned, and the development of a large number of manpower and material resources by the Taiwan Institute of industry and technology. After more than 10 years of research, we have made breakthroughs in key technologies such as control system and power supply. At present, the low speed wire EDM machine made by Taiwan enterprises should belong to the range of the medium machine. The growth rate of 20% ~ 30% in the last 3 years is reached. It is estimated that in the next 5 years, the annual output of the low speed wire EDM machine in Taiwan can reach 2000, which can account for more than 25% of the world market. The low speed wire EDM line cutting machine has high technical content, good market prospect and high return. It is the “competitive place” and “strategic highland” of various manufacturers in the electric processing industry. It can also be said that whoever has mastered the technology of low speed WEDM will get the next opportunity to develop and grow. In order to seize the Chinese market, Japan, Switzerland, Taiwan’s electrical machine tool manufacturing enterprises set up factories in mainland China to produce such machine tools. With the support of the special fund of the Ministry of science and technology, Chinese scientists and technicians have invested a large number of research and development forces and have completed the research and development of a new generation of low speed wire discharge wire EDM machine. It has made a major breakthrough. At present, it has a product with independent intellectual property rights and occupies a certain market share. Its performance indicators can reach a high level. The level of the gear machine. At present, there are still some domestic enterprises hope to develop low speed WEDM technology through cooperation with relevant enterprises in Taiwan. [1]
Vertical self rotating EDM wire cutting machine
Vertical self rotating WEDM (horizontal self rotating WEDM). Vertical rotary EDM line cutting

Teach you to buy stainless steel punching machine

Along with the extensive application of punching machinery and equipment in the processing industry such as rack, furniture, antenna, door flower, guardrail and so on. In the market, all kinds of price and all kinds of related machines are endless. We don’t know how to choose from the salesmen’s endless introduction. How can we buy a high quality stainless steel punching machine?
To buy high-quality stainless steel punching machine, we should do the following:
1, the price is reasonable, the function is diverse, the product quality is guaranteed, these requirements are sure to be considered when we buy stainless steel punching machine.
2, the purpose of choosing stainless steel punching machine is to increase production efficiency. We choose production tools, and pay more attention to the price performance ratio of machines. As long as we fully understand the efficiency of the machine, and how the salesmen blow the sky, there are already numbers in our hearts.
3, fully understand the productivity of the machine, we should consider the configuration of the machine. For example: work and operation principle, motor power and so on. Usually many friends will ignore the thickness of steel plate, even the material of die steel. Are there any reinforcement or thickening of the machine?
4. Whether the design is humanized. Many businesses only consider producing equipment and occupy the market at a low price, but do not pay attention to small details. Small details, such as whether the fuel tank is too long, is it convenient to clean up? Is the cooling system of the machine platform scientific? Wait。
5, in today’s high-tech industry, product upgrading is faster. We have to understand which technology the product belongs to. Where is the advantage compared to the previous generation?
6, a very critical point, is a lot of customers easy to ignore a point: machine plate grinding – a lot of customer friends feel that as long as the grinding tools do not have problems, this steel mill does not need to grind. It’s not like that. If the steel plate on the bottom of the mould is not smooth and smooth, then even a good mold will have problems in the long-term use.
7. After sale problem of stainless steel punching machine. As long as it is mechanical products, it can not guarantee that 100% will not fail. Some businesses sell low prices to attract customers. Lowering the selling price means reducing production costs, which directly affects the quality of machinery. It is also easier to produce after sale problems. Mechanical price is low, is it difficult for us to pay for our after-sale? I’m afraid no business person will do that. But after the failure of the machinery, the production business will not give us any after-sale maintenance. Will the machine become a pile of scrap iron?

Notice of automatic welding machine

The structure of automatic welding equipment consists of welding power, welding head, welding piece moving or changing into device, auxiliary device (wire feeding device, welding machine recovery and transportation device, drag chain, support, electrical control, etc.). Through the structure, we can know the matters needing attention in the automatic welding machine.

1. in order to ensure welding accuracy, the welding platform should be cleaned regularly to avoid sticking oil stains.

2., the equipment must be stable and well adjusted to avoid being affected by accuracy.

3. while the equipment is running, we should pay attention to the welding condition and prevent welding accidents. Operators should not gossip, play mobile phones and do things that are irrelevant to work.

4. operators need to wear protective equipment, welding temperature and electrical fault.

5. failure of wire feeder or feeding device should be stopped in time, and power failure should be checked.

6. automatic welding machine around to avoid debris, prevent power or wire damage accident.

7. under the condition of power on, it is not possible to turn on the numerical control box and various lines by itself, so as to prevent electric shock.

8. turn off the power and gas before leaving work and prevent others from operating at will.

9. in case of welding problems, report to the leader and contact the manufacturer in time, so that the plan can be adjusted.

Why homemade robots are only four big families

Although China has made a lot of efforts in the field of industrial robots in recent years, the progress of domestic robots is obvious to all. However, in terms of comprehensive competitiveness, the domestic industrial robots are still more than the “four families”, such as Na, ABB, KUKA and KUKA. Why in the end?

No core algorithm “brain” is not smart enough

In 2015, some people compared the production of domestic robots with ABB in 2005. The result is that the two can not be said to be equivalent, and the ABB product is more prominent in some ways. Because our country has never grasps the core algorithm of the industrial robot core controller, the “brain” of the domestic industrial robot is not smart enough, and the key indexes such as stability, failure rate and ease of use are far inferior to the four families.

Insiders call the core controller the “brain” of industrial robots. Because the core controller is the key component that affects the stability of the robot, software is equivalent to language, transmitting the idea of “brain”. To express the language accurately, it can not be separated from the core algorithms. For many years, the “four families” have sold the key components such as servo systems, decelerator and encoder to the world, but the core algorithm has been in a state of secret. Without the core algorithm, it can be used for the robot products that do not need high precision, but if they want to apply to the aerospace, military industry, automobile manufacturing and other high-end fields, domestic robots will be hard to spare and can only rely on imported industrial robots.

The core algorithm not only has great influence on the core controller, but also has a great influence on the servo system. When each robot moves, the core controller, servo driver and servo motor are required to cooperate with the three parties. Because the core algorithm can not keep up with the servo system, the response speed will be much lower than that of foreign products. As far as the single servo system is concerned, the precision of the domestic robot is good, but the high end robot usually has more than 6 servo systems at the same time, and it is difficult to obtain the desired control effect by the traditional control method.

Through the bottom algorithm, the foreign core controller can operate the motor directly through the current loop of the servo system to realize the precision control under the high dynamic multi axis nonlinear condition. Therefore, the “four family” robots have faster response speed and more accurate positioning. Failing to master the core algorithm is equivalent to a person who is mentally sound but has obstacles in language expression, and can never express himself in the normal language. This problem is reflected in industrial robots, which is one of the important reasons for the low stability and high failure rate.

Decelerator is difficult to be manufactured with high technical difficulty

At present, the world’s largest manufacturer of reducer is nabbotst Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., the company is the world’s dominant professional robot for robot precision cycloid reducer, its core product is the precision reducer RV series. Early in the early 1980s, at the request of the world’s leading robotics manufacturers, nabbottk made the precise and reliable design of the RV reducer, which had already been used successfully in the excavator industry, to be used in the strict robotics industry.

Precision reducer manufacturing, investment and high technical difficulties, there are high barriers. So as far as it is concerned, the industry is basically using the Japanese – made reducer, and if it wants to break through this technical barrier, it will take great effort.

Short development time and insufficient international competitiveness

After nearly half a century of technology precipitation in foreign enterprises, the understanding and optimization of technology is not pursued in a few years in China. Insufficient development of process software has led to the weakness of comprehensive competitiveness of domestic robots. In a single field, compared with the second line brands abroad, in the comprehensive field, there are no advantages for the four big families. In the long run, domestic enterprises are unavoidable to meet the problems of financial difficulties and technical R & D barriers.

Many domestic robot enterprises can not say hard in recent years, but if the core algorithms, decelerator, process software and other aspects are not significant breakthroughs, domestic robots will always be affected by people.

There are many robot enterprises will be troubled by a problem: “I have produced products, but no one to use, how can enterprises survive, how to get development?” I have heard this sound more than once, the domestic robot want to get the development, can not rely solely on the efforts of the enterprise, the support of the policy, the market recognition are the important pillar of the development of the domestic robot. Only in the course of user’s practice, can we constantly give feedback to manufacturers so as to gradually polish out more excellent products. Only in this way, can enterprises have more energy and money to invest in R & D, to break through the core technology, and let domestic robots stand in the center of the world stage.

A series of classifications for different uses of steel lattice plates

Series classification of different uses of steel sheet: Series 1 (spacing 30mm) steel lattice plate is the most commonly used type, used in all industrial fields. The range of the loaded flat steel at the center distance of the series steel plate is 30mm, which is in accordance with the standard of the United States. In the whole steel lattice plate series, it has the strongest resistance to the surface punching. It is widely used in power plants, refineries, sewage treatment plants, granaries, chemical plants, highways, airports and wharf platforms, aisles and drains, staircase steps and so on. The rack steel plate can be used in wet and smooth places, especially for offshore oil production platforms. Series 2 (spacing 40mm) steel plate is the most economical and lightweight, a fixed platform, aisle and staircase, in line with the British standard. In a small span, this is the most ideal product. It is the most ideal product, even under the load of the transport corridor, and can be used as the shelf of the warehouse, the panel of the pavilion, the Zhanqiao. The protection fence, the sun curtain, etc. Series 3 (spacing 60mm) steel grate is a variety developed especially for the application of mining industry. It solves the problem of mineral splashing on the board surface. This series of steel plates has a nominal size of 50*60mm, allowing most of the spatter to wear down, thus ensuring the cleanliness and safety of the plate surface. This product is often assigned to the plate surface in the crushing system, the walkway on the conveyor line, the ball mill, the processing plant and the running station. As a new type of engineering material, steel grid plate is used as a platform, Zhanqiao, bridge, highway guardrail, ditch cover board, fence, gate and other facilities in the fields of metallurgy, energy, ship, municipal, petrochemical, transportation, building materials, national defense and other fields. At present, about 270 thousand tons of steel lattice board are needed in our country. Therefore, the market prospect of steel grid plate is very broad.

How to improve data accuracy of universal plastics testing machine

The universal plastic material testing machine combines the advanced electronic technology, the standardization and the unit control, which has the characteristics of smooth loading, accurate measurement and high acquisition frequency. The accuracy of data of universal plastic material testing machine is not only related to the test accuracy of the instrument itself, but also to the operation quality of the tester operator. In order to improve the accuracy of the test data of the electronic universal testing machine, the operator needs to pay attention to the following points in the condition of the stability of the instrument’s own test precision.

1. Is the design of the universal plastic testing machine reasonable?

The fixture of the electronic universal testing machine is also a very important part. The fixture design is not reasonable. If the clamping tests are all broken near the clamping part, the test data will be abandoned. The main fixture used in universal plastic material testing machine is: pressure reduction accessories, top breaking fixture, rotary stretching clamp, pulling and shearing fixture, etc.

Two. Whether the universal plastic material testing machine was cleared before testing?

All electronic universal testing machines have memory functions. If new tests are started without zero, the data of the last test will be mixed with the data of this test, so that the data calculated by the test machine system is not accurate enough.

Three. Is the clamping of the universal plastic testing machine correct?

The clamping of the sample is an important part of the testing process, for example, when the test is carried out, if the specimen is clamped correctly, the specimen will only bear the force of the upper and lower two directions during the stretching process, and the test results are accurate at this time. If the specimen is skew, the specimen will bear the tensile force in many directions, and the result will not be accurate.

Four. Does the universal plastic material testing machine meet the standard?

In general, each material has the corresponding test standard to test the speed of stretching, bending and so on, too fast or too slow. The measured data are different. In order to improve the accuracy of the test data, it is necessary to set the speed of the test machine in strict accordance with the test standard.

Maintenance of filter core of vacuum oil filter

The filter core of the vacuum oil filter is a product which is used to keep the hydraulic oil clean in the oil filter. The filter core of the filter is how to ensure the cleanliness of the oil for a long time. The key is to use it correctly. First, we should choose the filter core of the vacuum oil filter, because the model between the filter core and the equipment of the vacuum filter is matched, if the selection is not available. When it affects the filtering effect.

The filter core of the vacuum oil filter needs to be cleaned and replaced in time because in the time of purifying the oil, the impurities in the oil are all gathered on the top of the filter core. The oil filter speed will slow down for a long time and the oil quality is not clean enough.
The axial pressure can not be increased during use. If so, the oil can pass through the filter quickly, but it will often crush the filter element and affect the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil.

In order to ensure the cleanliness of the filter element of the vacuum oil filter, we must clean the filter element of the vacuum filter in time.
1, before cleaning the vacuum filter, we must stop the operation of the oil filter, close the oil inlet and outlet pipeline, and turn off the power switch.
2. Open the drain valve and drain all the oil in the filter until the oil flow is finished. When the oil is released, the bleed valve can be opened to speed up the oil release.
3. Open the filter cover and remove the filter cartridge after you have finished.
4. Filter cartridge of vacuum oil filter. Remove the filter cartridge and put it into the oil pan containing oil. Soak for 30 minutes and then clean it with gas.
5. Remove the sediment on the surface of the filter with a brush and wipe the filter with a cloth.
6, then install the filter core, lock the filter bolt. Finish cleaning can be put into use. How to maintain the vacuum oil filter to reduce the failure of the vacuum oil filter is used to filter out the impurities, water and other substances in the oil, so as to purify the quality of the crude oil. The working principle of the vacuum oil filter is to separate the residue from the oil through the centrifugal force of the rotating drum so as to achieve liquid solid separation.

So how can the vacuum oil filter be changed when it is stopped?
1: the condenser of vacuum oil filter and heater should be cleaned regularly, otherwise it will affect efficiency and shorten life.
2: when the vacuum filter is not used, the waste oil in the vacuum pump should be exhausted and injected with new oil.
3: after the outdoor low temperature environment is finished, the storage water from the vacuum pump to the condenser must be cleaned to prevent freezing and damage to the equipment.
4: when the operating vacuum oil filter needs to be interrupted, the operation of the oil pump should be stopped after the heating power 5min is disconnected in order to prevent the hydrocarbon gas from heating up in the middle part of the oil road.

Maybe a list can change the fate of a company

Perhaps a list can change the fate of a company, and do not despise anyone or anything.
I am made of powder metallurgy products.
On December 10, 2017, Sunday morning, 10, I received a phone call from the north. Are you a manufacturer of powder metallurgy products? I have two products with a lot of demand here. A king of our company is looking at the market in Zhejiang. It is required to choose a regular manufacturer with strong strength, technical strength and management. Can you come to your company in the afternoon to see it?
Yes, of course, I said. But in my mind, we have a rest in the factory today. If the customers come, I can’t see the hot work scene, and I myself and my wife and children just play outside. If I come in the afternoon, I have to finish the journey.
But the customer is God, can not let go of every opportunity to share business and products with customers, the customer’s request is military intelligence, must meet their needs. Next, I said to my client, “good afternoon, I will wait for Wang Zong in the company.”
We also ended our little journey early and went back to the factory to wait for Wang Zong to come.
But when more than 5 of the customers did not come, the letter to Wang asked the general situation, Wang said that because of the time in Wenzhou can not be arranged, tomorrow morning to my company.
At 9:30 in the morning of No. 11, Wang did come to our company to investigate and negotiate. We talked very happily. Wang’s general professional and personality charms are quite strong, but there are many problems to be solved. From the customer’s needs, we have accumulated many years of technical experience and contacts. It is ignorant.
In the end, we won this small list, if done well enough to change the fate of our company.

Different structure of sunshade of car side window

Speaking of car side window curtains, everyone thought of that is the kind of draping curtain that is left and right, overturning the traditional concept of sun shading, research and development of a lot of sunshade curtain products. Environmental protection and durability at the same time, get rid of the pleated curtain to give people a heavy feeling, refreshing and beautiful, is a good choice for the majority of owners.

In the near future, there are more and more customers with window curtains for sun shading consulting cars, and the installation environment and models are also various. In order to make you more clear to see the contrast of different styles of sun shades, this period is for us to show the side window shade products of bus and business cars.

Model: JL-32CK
Frame structure, the same type of motor car structure, with the sliding groove pull down can stop at any position, expansion and comfort, and bring different beauty and comfort for the converted bus.

Model: JL-FCK
Frame structure, matching Suzhou Jinlong good passenger car side window curtains, print logo, pull down to a certain position can lock position, lock position fixed drop that is loose automatically lock.

Model: JL-20CK
Frame structure, Xiamen Golden Dragon production luxury bus side window push and pull curtain, use light sunscreen fabric, can be good for passengers sunscreen sunscreen, at the same time to improve the comfort and luxury beauty.

Model: JL-S
Manual series, no guide, a variety of fabrics. The sun shading curtain is easy to install. It can be easily locked when pulling down in the drop-down process. When the lock position is fixed, the dropdown can be automatically retractable. At the same time, it can also choose to pull down the hook to hook the lock position.
You can choose the suitable fabric according to the interior color of your car and your hobbies.