CNC programming skills

CNC programming skills

As the saying goes, people should learn to be lazy. Today, I’m going to tell you how to learn these skills when working with CNC. It’s much easier for us to learn these skills. Moreover, we can greatly improve the quality of our products. The following editor will tell you what skills CNC machining has when programming?

  1. Computer simulation system for CNC machining application

With the development of computer technology and the expansion of NC machining teaching from time to time, there are more and more NC machining simulation systems, and their functions are becoming more and more perfect. Therefore, it can be used in the preliminary inspection procedure to observe the movement of the tool to determine whether there is a possibility of collision.

  1. Locking function of CNC parts machining center

The common CNC machining center has locking function (full lock or single axis lock). When the program is input, the z-axis is locked and the collision can be judged by the coordinate value of z-axis. The application of this function should avoid the operation of tool change, otherwise the program can not pass through.

  1. Improve programming skills

It is very important to be able to prevent some programming skills from collision in NC programming.

  1. Application of the imitation function of CNC parts machining center

Common and more advanced CNC parts processing center has graphic display function. After inputting the program, it can call the graphic imitation display function to observe the movement track of the tool carefully, so as to check whether the tool may collide with the workpiece or fixture.

  1. The coordinate system and cutter compensation must be set correctly

When starting CNC machining center, it is necessary to set reference point of CNC machining center. The working coordinate system of CNC machining center should be different from that of programming, especially in the direction of Z axis. If there is a mistake, the possibility of collision between milling cutter and workpiece is very large. In addition, the setting of tool length compensation must be correct, otherwise, it is either empty machining or collision.

  1. The application of CNC parts machining center in idle running

The correctness of tool path can be checked by using the function of idle running of CNC parts machining center. When the program is input into CNC parts machining center, the tool or workpiece can be installed, and then the idle operation button is pressed. At this time, the spindle does not rotate, and the workbench runs automatically according to the program path. At this time, it can be found whether the tool may collide with the workpiece or fixture. However, in this case, it is necessary to ensure that when the workpiece is installed, the cutter cannot be installed; when the cutter is installed, the workpiece cannot be loaded, otherwise there will be collision.

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