High speed computer gong processing feeder

High speed computer gong processing feeder

The basic knowledge of high speed computer gong processing feeding mechanism

  1. Auxiliary device computer gong processing index control feed machine some necessary supporting parts, to ensure the operation of CNC feeder, such as cooling, chip removal, lubrication, lighting, monitoring, etc. It includes hydraulic and pneumatic devices, chip removal device, exchange table, CNC turntable and CNC dividing head, as well as cutting tools and monitoring and detecting devices.
  2. Driving device high speed Gong machining is the driving part of the executive mechanism of NC feeding machine, including spindle drive unit, feed unit, spindle motor and feed motor. Under the control of the electric servo system or hydraulic control of the spindle. When several feed linkage, positioning, straight line, plane curve and space curve processing can be completed.
  3. The main machine is the main body of CNC feeding machine, including body, column, spindle, feed mechanism and other mechanical parts. It is a mechanical part used to complete various cutting processes. Programming and other auxiliary equipment: it can be used to program and store parts outside the machine.
  4. High speed Gong machining of CNC device is the core of NC feeding machine, including hardware (printed circuit board, CRT display, key box, paper tape reader, etc.) and corresponding software, which are used to input digital part program, complete input information storage, data transformation, interpolation calculation and realize various control functions. Basic requirements of large CNC machining system
  5. In the process of large CNC machining, the worktable may require forward or reverse operation at any time according to the shape of machining track. CNC lathe machining center prompts you to consider the conversion of electrical energy and mechanical energy between starting and braking during forward and reverse operation, so as to realize rapid braking.
  6. In order to adapt to different processing conditions, servo has a wide range of speed regulation and excellent speed control characteristics.
  7. High rigidity and high speed stability servo for large CNC machining should keep the feed rate constant under different load conditions or when the cutting conditions change, which requires the servo to have excellent static and dynamic load characteristics.

In order to ensure the contour cutting shape accuracy and low surface roughness of the machined surface, the servo should have good fast response characteristics and no overshoot.

  1. High precision in order to meet the machining accuracy, it is necessary to ensure the positioning accuracy and feed accuracy of the machine tool, that is to say, the servo should have high static resolution, and the dynamic characteristics should be at least a first-order error free system.
  2. Large CNC machining low speed and high torque, the characteristics of machine tool processing is cutting at low speed, the feed drive should ensure rated torque output at low speed, that is to say, servo should have constant torque output.

Function debugging of high speed computer gong machine tool accuracy

  1. High speed computer gongs use precision level instrument and other detection tools, mainly by adjusting the pad iron way to fine adjust the level of the main bed of the machine tool, so that the geometric accuracy of the machine tool can reach the allowable tolerance range;
  2. For the automatic tool change device, adjust the position of the tool magazine, manipulator, travel parameters, etc., and then check the action with the command, which is required to be accurate;
  3. For the machine tool with APC automatic exchange table, after adjusting the relative position, carry out automatic load exchange;
  4. After the adjustment of the machine tool, carefully check whether the parameter setting values in the numerical control system and the programmable controller conform to the data specified in the random index, and then test the main operation functions, safety measures, execution of common instructions, etc.
  5. Mold processing to check the machine tool auxiliary function and accessories normal work. It is usually composed of CNC system, main drive system, feed servo system, cooling smooth system and so on. 1. The spindle box contains the spindle box and spindle drive system, which is used to clamp and rotate the cutter. The spindle speed scale and output torque have a direct impact on the machining. 2. The feed servo system is composed of feed motor and feed actuator. According to the feed rate set by the program, the relative motion between the tool and the workpiece is completed, including linear feed motion and rotary motion. 3. Control system CNC milling machine motion control in the middle of the implementation of NC machining program control machine tools for processing. 4. Auxiliary equipment such as hydraulic, pneumatic, smooth, cooling system and chip removal, protection and other equipment. 5. The base parts of high-speed computer gong machine tools usually refer to the base, column, beam, etc., which are the foundation and structure of the whole machine tool. Die making technology of extrusion die for high speed CNC machining of aluminum profile 1. Due to the bad working conditions of aluminum alloy extrusion tools and dies, high temperature, high pressure and high friction are required in high-speed CNC machining. Therefore, high-strength heat-resistant alloy steel is required. The melting, casting, forging, heat treatment, electrical machining, mechanical processing and surface treatment of these steels are very complex, which brings about the development of die and mold A series of difficulties. 2. In order to improve the service life of tools and moulds and ensure the surface quality of products, it is required that the roughness of the working belt of the die cavity should reach 0.8-0.4 μ m, and the roughness of the die plane should be less than 1.6 μ M. therefore, special polishing process and polishing equipment should be adopted when making the mold. 3. Due to the development of extrusion products in the direction of high precision and sharp, the wall thickness requirement of some profiles and pipes is reduced to about 0.5mm, and the tolerance of extruded products is required to reach ± 0.05mm. In order to extrude such ultra-high precision products, the manufacturing accuracy of dies is required to reach 0.01mm

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