Improper processing of CNC

Improper processing of CNC

In the process of processing, every step is very important. If one step is not in place due to carelessness in the process of processing, it is likely to directly affect the final effect of the product. Therefore, in the process of work, the operator must maintain a full state of mind, which is not only for their own good, but also has good results for the product, so if the CNC processing technology is not properly arranged, what problems will occur?

  1. CNC machining process is too scattered

The reason for this problem lies in the fear of complexity (refers to the preparation time), simple programming, simple operation and processing, easy adjustment of tool setting by using a knife, and being used to ordinary processing. As a result, the product quality (position tolerance) is not easy to guarantee and the production efficiency can not be brought into full play. Therefore, CNC processing personnel and operators should be fully familiar with CNC machining knowledge, try more to master the relevant knowledge, as far as possible to use the method of process concentration for processing, more use, will naturally reflect its advantages. After two sets of equipment are used, the processing efficiency is greatly improved and the equipment quality is greatly improved.

  1. CNC machining sequence is unreasonable

Some CNC processing operators consider some problems in preparation, and often arrange the processing sequence irrationally. NC machining is usually carried out according to the requirements of general machining process planning, such as coarse to fine (tool change), inside to outside, reasonable cutting parameters, so that the quality and efficiency can be improved

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