What is CNC thread milling method

What is CNC thread milling method

If you want to be a master in the operation of CNC machining center, you must stand the experience of time and constantly improve your working ability. In the CNC machining industry, the programming of CNC machining center should be compiled according to the operation characteristics of machine tools, which is conducive to observation, inspection, measurement and safety. For example, the same parts, the same processing content, vertical processing, and horizontal processing, respectively processing, the program is certainly not the same.

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Skilled in operating CNC machine tools. This requires 1-2 years of study, the operation is pay attention to the feel, beginners, especially college students, know how to do, but the hands just don’t listen. In this process, we should learn: system operation mode, fixture installation, part reference alignment, tool setting, zero offset setting, tool length compensation, radius compensation, loading and unloading of tool and handle, tool grinding, parts measurement (skilled use of vernier caliper, micrometer card, dial indicator, dial indicator, inner diameter lever gauge).

Can reflect the level of an operator is: horizontal processing, and large gantry (moving beam, top beam) processing. Must have good fixture foundation and measurement technology level. The difficulty of fixture analysis is that it can only be qualitative and difficult to quantify.

In the process of CNC machining, there is a method called thread milling. What is the specific meaning? Thread milling with CNC is a thread milling tool, machining center three axis linkage, namely x, Y axis arc interpolation, Z axis linear feed milling method.

Thread milling is mainly used for machining large hole thread and thread hole of difficult to machine material. It has the following characteristics:

(1) high speed, high efficiency and high precision. The cutting tool material is generally cemented carbide material, and the cutting speed is fast. The manufacturing precision of cutting tool is high, so the precision of thread milling is high.

(2) milling tools are widely used. As long as the pitch is the same, whether it is * * thread or right-hand thread, one tool can be used, which is conducive to reducing the cost of the tool.

(3) milling is easy to chip removal and cooling. Compared with the tap, the cutting condition is better, especially suitable for the screw thread processing of difficult to machine materials such as aluminum, copper, stainless steel, etc,

It is especially suitable for thread processing of large parts and components of valuable materials, which can ensure the quality of thread processing and the safety of workpiece.

(4) because there is no tool front-end guide, it is suitable for machining blind holes with short thread bottom holes and holes without undercut groove.

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