Application of precision hardware processing

Application of precision hardware processing

With the demand of our industry, is constantly increasing, is constantly changing, to our use and all aspects, have changed a lot, the emergence of some processing, not only reduce the labor intensity, but also improve our production efficiency, Tangxia precision hardware processing is the same, so the main application of precision hardware processing lathe parts in some?

Precision hardware processing automatic lathe can reduce the labor intensity of workers, shorten the auxiliary time, and can be supervised by one person for multiple machine tools, with high productivity. In recent years, the function of the international discharge machine bed has been constantly innovated, and the industry has been developing towards precision and automation. The products are used in the processing of small and medium-sized metal parts, which is more labor-saving. For example, it can be used in the field of high-speed wire cutting machine and slow wire cutting machine for processing various types of metal semi-finished products. Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries have a large demand for various metal products and semi-finished products. The labor cost in these areas is low, and the number of various factories is large, and the demand for discharge machine bed is considerable. The operators pointed out that the Southeast Asian market has a large demand for discharge machine beds. Manufacturers should continue to strengthen research and development, improve machine performance, especially precision and durability, and strengthen after-sales service. In addition, using computer to control the discharge machine bed is one of the directions worthy of efforts. Precision hardware processing automatic lathe parts are small in diameter, generally less than 16mm in diameter. Its model is lhs21, and its materials are iron, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, magnesium and titanium. Automatic lathe parts are suitable for processing diameter of ¢ 0.25mm – ¢ 42.0mm, and processing length of 2mm-230mm. This material is easy to turn and has simple shape. Large quantities of rotary workpieces, such as small shafts, gaskets, etc., are mainly used in large quantities of small and medium-sized workpieces. The workpieces have high precision arc, taper, and high shape and position requirements. It is characterized by high efficiency and high precision, and can be operated by one person with multiple machines.

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