Five axis linkage machining

Five axis linkage machining

Five axis linkage l machining is very common nowadays. Many people in this industry also call it five coordinate machine tool. It adds two rotating axes (which can realize the rotation around X axis and Z axis, namely axis A and axis C) on the basis of three translational axes (linear motion along X, y and Z axes), which can not only make the position of the tool relative to the workpiece arbitrarily controllable, Moreover, the direction of the tool axis relative to the workpiece can also be controlled arbitrarily within a certain range, so that the five coordinate machining tool has the following characteristics:

  1. It can avoid tool interference, can process complex parts, and has wide processing adaptability.
  2. For ruled surface parts, it can be formed by one knife with good processing quality.
  3. It can greatly improve the machining efficiency and surface quality.
  4. It is helpful to improve the position accuracy of each surface.
  5. The error distribution on the whole part surface can be more uniform.
  6. In some machining situations, such as channel machining with limited space or transition area machining of composite surface, larger size tool can be used to avoid interference, and the tool has good rigidity, which is beneficial to improve the machining efficiency and accuracy.

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