Hydraulic characteristics

Hydraulic characteristics

The basic function of the hydraulic circuit is to carry out easily controlled energy transfer in the form of liquid pressure energy.

From the perspective of energy transfer, hydraulic technology is roughly in the middle of mechanical energy transfer and electrical energy transfer.

From the transmission characteristics: mechanical transmission and hydraulic transmission device can be said to have fixed characteristics, on the contrary, hydraulic transmission device and electrical transmission device are the same, with the characteristics of CVT, in addition to constant power, but also easy to achieve constant speed and constant torque characteristics.

The characteristics of hydraulic technology can generally be summarized as follows:

(1) It is easy to carry out CVT and has a wide range of speed change, that is, it can easily adjust the force and torque in a wide range.

(2) Good control performance, that is, force, speed, position can be correctly controlled with a high response speed. In addition, for electrical, mechanical and other control methods have good adaptability, especially combined with electrical signal processing, can get good response characteristics;

(3) reliable operation and good operation performance;

(4) moderate flexibility in structure and characteristics;

(5) a standard element can be used to make circuits of arbitrary complex functions.

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The reason for these characteristics is that the volumetric components are used as capacity converters, i.e. hydraulic pumps and actuators, and the lubricating oil (hydraulic oil) is used as working medium. The general disadvantage of hydraulic technology is also related to hydraulic oil. These shortcomings are summarized as follows:

(1) oil leakage;

(2) The contamination of hydraulic oil has an adverse effect on the characteristics of components and devices when special precise control is required. That is to say, the management of hydraulic oil has great influence on the reliability and the life of components.

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