Mechanical maintenance

Mechanical maintenance

Whether the manufacturer for after-sales maintenance and maintenance of machinery, whether it is new or old customers for their own maintenance and maintenance of equipment, must pay attention to their own, no matter how good equipment do not know maintenance and maintenance, equipment life will never be big.

This is the first stage of troubleshooting. It is a crucial stage. The following tasks should be done:

(1) When inquiring and investigating, when receiving the information of troubleshooting in the machine tool field, the operator should be asked to keep the fault status as far as possible and not to do any treatment, so as to analyze the cause of the fault quickly and accurately. At the same time, the fault indication, fault appearances and the background of the fault are carefully inquired, and a preliminary judgment is made on the basis of which, in order to determine the tools, instruments, drawings and spare parts that should be carried by the site troubleshooting, and to reduce the round-trip time.

After the on-site inspection arrives at the scene, the accuracy and completeness of various situations provided by the operator should be verified first, so as to verify the accuracy of the preliminary judgment. Due to the operator’s level, there are many cases of unclear or even completely inaccurate description of the fault situation, so after arriving at the scene still do not rush to deal with, re-careful investigation of various situations, so as not to damage the scene, making troubleshooting more difficult.

(3) Fault analysis according to the known fault status according to the fault classification method described in the preceding section to analyze the fault type, so as to determine the principle of troubleshooting. Because most of the faults are indicated, it is generally possible to list the possible causes of the faults by comparing the diagnostic manuals and instructions of the CNC system matched with the machine tools.

(4) Determine the cause and find out the real cause of the fault through the investigation of various possible causes. At this time, the maintenance personnel is a comprehensive test of the machine tool’s familiarity, knowledge level, practical experience and ability to analyze and judge.

_Troubleshooting methods for troubleshooting preparation may be simple, and some faults are often more complex, requiring a series of preparatory work, such as the preparation of tools and meters, partial disassembly, repair of parts, procurement of components and even troubleshooting planning steps and so on.

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