Mold processing design knowledge

Mold processing design knowledge

  1. The mold industry is the mother of industry. In terms of this year’s financial crisis, the mold industry is one of the earliest industries to recover. Therefore, it is very important to learn the mold well. However, due to the variability and uncertainty of mold materials and shapes, it is very difficult for us to learn mold well. Therefore, I will collect and sort out this 10 It’s classic. It’s worth collecting and reading. I’m sure you’ll appreciate my recommendation. I don’t need to communicate with UG, but you are welcome to communicate with me in the industry..
  2. Common shrinkage rate of plastic materials?

A: (see plastic materials) Click for information

  1. Common defects in plastic parts?

Answer: lack of glue, Cape, bubble, shrinkage, weld mark, black spot, bubble, stripe, warpage, delamination, peeling, etc

  1. Common plastic mold steel?

A: (see die steel)

  1. What kind of steel is used for high mirror polishing?

Answer: commonly used high hardness heat treatment steel, such as SKD61, 8407, S136 and so on!

  1. The role of mapping key?

Answer: simplify operation steps, reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency!

  1. What’s the difference between mirror and mirror?

A: mirror body refers to the whole mirror image, and the mirror feature refers to local mirror image or single feature image!

  1. How to hide each other in UG?

Answer: Ctrl + B and Ctrl + Shift + B

  1. Is there a local bias function in UG?

A: Yes

  1. Does UG have symmetrical constraint function in sketching?

A: none

  1. What is 2D? What is 3D?

A: D is the prefix of dimension, 2D refers to two-dimensional plane, and 3D refers to three-dimensional space. In the mold part, 2D usually refers to plan drawing, i.e. CAD drawing; 3D usually refers to solid drawing, i.e. Pro / E, UG or other 3D software drawing files.

  1. What is the default accuracy of Pro / E? What is the default accuracy of UG?

A: the default accuracy of Pro / E is 0.0012mm, and that of UG is 0.0254mm

  1. What is the default word height of CAD?

Answer: the default word height of CAD is 2.5mm.

  1. Where is the text file of CAD?

Answer: the text file of CAD is placed in the fonts folder under the root directory of CAD.

  1. Does Pro / E have auto save function like CAD?

A: Pro / E has no auto save function

  1. What is touch through? What is penetration?

A: the joint surface of male and female mold parallel to pl surface is called impact through surface; the joint surface of male and female mold that is not parallel to pl surface is called interpenetrating surface!

  1. The relationship between sliver and silk?

A: both sliver and silk are units of length. In Taiwan, 1 = 0.01mm; in Hong Kong, 1 = 0.01mm, so 1 = 1

  1. What is pillow position?

Answer: the edge of shell plastic parts often has a gap, which is used to install various accessories

  1. What is a crater?

A: the mold crater is the shape similar to the volcano eruption reflected on the mold of the root of boos column.

  1. What do you mean?

A: ah, it’s Mo Ren, a Hong Kong idiom

  1. What is tiger mouth?

A: Tiger mouth, also known as tube position, is used to limit the part.

  1. What is ranking?

Answer: the product layout on the mold is called placement.

  1. What is glue position?

Answer: the cavity of the product on the mold is called glue position.

  1. What is bone position?

A: the tendon on the product is called bone position.

  1. What is column position?

Answer: boss column on the product is called column position.

  1. What is virtual position?

Answer: the gap on the mold is called virtual position.

  1. What is buckle?

Answer: the hook used for product connection is called buckle position.

  1. What is spark pattern?

After the spark machining is called spark striation.

  1. What is PL plane?

Answer: PL is the abbreviation of parting panel. PL is also called parting surface, which refers to the part of male mold and female mold in contact when the mold is closed.

  1. What is a computer gong?

Answer: general name of CNC milling machine and machining center

  1. What is a copper worker?

Answer: EDM usually uses copper material which is easy to process as discharge electrode, which is called copper work, also known as electrode. Copper workers are generally divided into roughs, roughers and young workers. Young workers are also called Seiko

  1. What is EDM?

A: an electric spark is a self-excited discharge. There is a high voltage between the two electrodes before discharge. When the two electrodes are close, the dielectric between them is broken down, and then spark discharge occurs. With the breakdown process of Dongguan high-speed computer gong machining, the resistance between the two electrodes decreases sharply, and the voltage between the two poles also decreases sharply. The spark channel must be extinguished in time after a short time (usually 10-7-10-3s), so that the machining of mechanical parts can maintain the “cold pole” characteristics of spark discharge (that is, the heat energy converted by the channel energy can not be transmitted to the depth of the electrode), so that the channel energy can act on a very small range. Due to the effect of channel energy, the electrode can be corroded locally. Using the corrosion phenomenon produced by spark discharge to process the size of materials is called EDM.

  1. What is the spark bit?

A: in the process of discharge, the discharge gap between copper and steel is called spark position. The spark position of rougher is generally 10 to 50, and that of young worker is 5 to 15

  1. What is the material level?

A: the wall thickness of plastic products is also called meat thickness.

  1. What is the original stay?

Answer: willing body retention is relative to cutting and inserting parts. Original body retention refers to a whole piece of steel material for processing embryo, which is processed together when processing

  1. What are weld lines?

A: the line formed by the meeting of two strands of plastic is called weld line.

  1. What is a jet?

A: the plastic from the inlet into the cavity after the formation of bending fold snake like flow marks, known as jet flow.

  1. What is LKM

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