Passivation solution for stainless steel 304 screws

Passivation solution for stainless steel 304 screws

I. scope of application:
A. “Stainless steel passivation fluid” is mainly suitable for small and medium stainless steel workpieces which are easy to soak (the volume of workpiece is less than 3 cubic meters is recommended, more than 3 cubic meters or batch of small recommended passivation paste)
B. is suitable for processing large quantities and large output parts and saving cost.
C. has special requirements that must be soaked and passivated.
Function: it can effectively improve the corrosion resistance of stainless steel and prolong the service life of the workpiece.
Suitable material: suitable for all 200 and 300 series stainless steel.

Two, characteristics:
1. The liquid medicine can be recycled. The service life of 1 Kg can reach 50-70 square meters. It can effectively reduce the waste of liquid medicine and save more processing cost.
2. Stainless steel passivation solution is more simple to use, just soak in the tank at room temperature can greatly reduce the labor intensity. There is no need for specific processing equipment and strict processing conditions.
3. Passivating solution is a kind of stable reagent, which can not be decomposed, precipitated and transported conveniently. It has a storage period of three years and can be taken as needed.

Three, the area of use:
1 kg of passivation solution will not lose the liquid composition within the area of 50~70 square meters.

Four. Usage:
1. According to the processing conditions of the workpiece, degrease the oil first (can use detergent + cylinder polishing cleaning, white oil, Tian Na Shui, etc.) or use our company’s “normal temperature neutral cleaning agent” direct cleaning), mechanical polishing parts dewaxing first (can use our company’s “general dewaxing cleaning agent”), flushing water to ensure that the surface is clean.
2. pickling or activation (with 3-5% dilute sulfuric acid) pickling for 3-5 minutes (specific time control, mainly to observe the surface of the workpiece not too dark pickling), or directly using our company’s “stainless steel activation liquid” (for 300 series of materials salt fog resistance time requirements less than 72 hours and very clean surface of the workpiece this step can be saved A small batch test.
3., inactivate the passivation solution and use the original solution. The soaking time is more than 30 minutes. It is recommended that 60 minutes (200 hours of general experience of 300 series materials) be soaked. The longer the soaking time is, the better the anti-corrosion performance will be. The longest time is not more than 24 hours.
4. rinsing clean water (not using sewage or natural water), rinsing the surface of the workpiece passivation solution.
5. Finally, soak and rinse with water containing less than 25 PPM chloride ion (pure water or filtered water) for 3 minutes.
6. drying.

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