Precautions of cutting fluid

Precautions of cutting fluid

In the process of hardware processing, we will use a lot of different things, because we want to do a good product is to pay attention to some details of the problem, so that we can make better quality products, so let’s learn about Dongguan Hardware processing using cutting fluid to pay attention to what matters?

(1) the cutting fluid shall be free from irritating smell and additives harmful to human body, so as to ensure the safety of users.

(2) the cutting fluid shall meet the requirements of equipment lubrication and protection management, that is, the cutting fluid shall not corrode the metal parts of the machine tool, damage the seal and paint of the machine tool, and shall not leave hard colloidal deposits on the guide rail of the machine tool, so as to ensure the safety and normal operation of the equipment

(3) the cutting fluid should ensure the anti rust oil effect between the working procedures of the workpiece and not rust the workpiece. When processing copper alloy, the cutting fluid containing sulfur should not be selected. The pH value of cutting fluid should be neutral when processing aluminum alloy.

(4) the cutting fluid should have excellent lubricating and cleaning properties. The cutting fluid with high Pb value and low surface tension is selected, and the cutting test shows that the cutting effect is good.

(5) The cutting fluid should have a long service life, and the machining center is particularly important.

(6) the cutting fluid should adapt to a variety of processing methods and workpiece materials.

(7) the cutting fluid should have low pollution and waste liquid treatment method.

(8) cutting fluid should be suitable in price and convenient in preparation. In conclusion, when selecting cutting fluid, users can select 2-3 kinds of cutting fluid with better comprehensive performance according to specific processing conditions. After trial use in the factory, the cutting fluid with proper performance can be determined

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