Qualitative changes in the emergence of liquid nitrogen freezers

Qualitative changes in the emergence of liquid nitrogen freezers

With the advancement of urbanization, people’s lives are becoming more and more fast. Frozen food is one of the products that are heated and ready to eat, and its market share is increasing year by year. At the same time, the development of refrigeration equipment such as liquid nitrogen quick freezing machine for frozen food production is also particularly important.

Frozen food is not only a single product, such as dumplings, dumplings, steamed bun, steamed bun, hot pot food and so on, but also a variety of frozen semi-finished snacks such as hand grab cake and egg tart. In addition, fast frozen meat products, seafood and fruits and vegetables are also an indispensable part of frozen food.

In the Tenth China frozen food industry conference, experts predict that in the next 5 years, China’s frozen food sales will usher in a blowout period. The output value of quick-frozen flour products is about 40 billion yuan in 2013, and the compound annual growth rate of production and sales is expected to be over 13% in the next 5 years.  Chen Zhenjie, the chief engineer of the Henan provincial industry and information office, said, “when the urbanization rate of a place exceeds 50%, the frozen food in the region will increase.”

According to the author’s understanding, in the past 20 years, China’s frozen food industry has experienced a period of rapid development from scratch, from less to more, and also led to the rise of raw materials, processing machinery, refrigeration equipment and other industries. As the state supervision of environmental protection is becoming more and more strict, some of the refrigeration equipment that are not compatible with the environment are dropping out, and the emergence of the liquid nitrogen freezer has undoubtedly brought about a qualitative change to the development of the fast frozen food industry, with the necessary freezers in the production process of frozen food. In the future, in the booming development of frozen food industry, refrigeration equipment such as liquid nitrogen quick freezing machine will also usher in an opportunity for development.

As we all know, the development of aviation and military affairs has produced many high-tech products, which eventually serve the production and life of mankind. In the 50s of last century, the development of space technology was needed, which made the industrial process of air liquefaction and separation quicker, and the liquid nitrogen was also industrialized at this time, which laid the foundation for the later application of the food fast freezing industry.

In the 60s of last century, liquid nitrogen quick-frozen technology was first developed in the American frozen food industry and promoted.  According to the rapid professional staff in Guangzhou, the liquid nitrogen freezer and the production line not only have small area, but also have rapid refrigeration and little damage to the food itself. It can guarantee the original flavor of frozen food to the greatest extent.

Compared with developed countries such as the United States, China’s liquid nitrogen rapid freezing technology started 10 years late. In the early 70s of last century, China has developed a liquid nitrogen quick frozen food production line. With the development of the society, the demand for the taste and nutrition of the frozen food has been improved continuously. The traditional ammonia food freezer has been unable to meet the demand of the market, and is replaced by a more dominant liquid nitrogen freezer. Indeed, the liquid nitrogen quick freezing machine has an unparalleled advantage in the food refrigeration effect.  The seafood treated with liquid nitrogen quick freezing technology, the taste and color after thawing are almost the same as living, and well lock the original water of the seafood. It has high quality and low loss for the operators. In the past, seafood frozen by freezing technology not only failed to reach the requirement of high quality, but also had serious loss of water after thawing. In addition, the original freezing technology because the freezing time is too long, resulting in the further reduction of the quality of food, liquid nitrogen quick freezing technology can achieve rapid cooling in a relatively short time, the maximum degree of preservation. RDH6S0$([RNKP7F@5Q%_SNJ_ Iqiyi)
The advantage of liquid nitrogen quick freezing technology is obvious, and it is widely applied in the large demand of frozen food market in China. With the development of science and technology and the innovation and development of the refrigeration equipment enterprises, the liquid nitrogen quick freezing machine has made great progress in the development of our country, and can make the equipment more in line with the characteristics of different food. Guangzhou speed refrigeration equipment Co., Ltd. mainly deals with liquid nitrogen quick freezing equipment and liquid nitrogen frozen tunnel production line. The equipment structure is diversified, including box type, cabinet type, tunnel type and combination type. It can meet the requirements of seafood, meat products, rice noodle, fruit and other different products and different production speed, and has high safety performance, energy saving and environmental protection.

After more than 20 years of development, the frozen food industry has become the “gold industry” in China’s food industry. In the future, with the continuous growth of consumer demand, China’s fast frozen food industry will soon usher in a blowout period. The rapid development of the frozen food market has driven the demand for refrigeration equipment, especially in the liquid nitrogen quick freezing machine market of quick freezing equipment.

At present, with the efforts of absorbing foreign experience and strengthening independent innovation, the technology and equipment performance of liquid nitrogen quick freezing equipment in our country have improved to meet the basic needs of the domestic market. But in some core technologies, it also relies on foreign countries, which is not conducive to the long-term development of the industry. The refrigeration equipment enterprises should recognize the strong demand of the domestic quick frozen food market for the high quality liquid nitrogen quick freezing machine, and should also clearly understand the insufficiency of their own strength. At present, many enterprises can produce their own equipment to meet the domestic market, but the technology is stagnant. Consumers will surely choose products with better performance. WeChat picture _20180425112018_ Iqiyi
At present, the domestic food market is facing the upgrade of consumption, whether it is to buy food, or purchase equipment, consumers are less sensitive to the price, and pay more attention to quality. Guangzhou speed refrigeration equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales.

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