The advantage of compound machining is obvious.

The advantage of compound machining is obvious.

At present, the performance of some composite machines has been close to and reached the level of imported equipment. Due to the continuous improvement of functions and the continuous improvement of automation, the cost performance of domestic equipment is high, and the competitive advantage is increasingly obvious. Some packaging and printing enterprises that used to import equipment began to use domestic equipment, and the purchase of domestic equipment as a future direction of investment.

Composite CNC machining will be more diversified, more and more powerful functional configuration, such as glazing, die cutting, cross cutting, soft standard cutting and so on. Accordingly, gravure press management system and remote technology support system will be used more and more. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of personalization, from unwinding, printing to wire processing, winding and other parts will be modularized, the most important of which will be gravure trolley or gravure and flexographic printing interchange trolley.

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