Types and characteristics of diamond tools

Types and characteristics of diamond tools

As we all know, diamond tool is the most hard tool among all the tools, and its quality is very good. Its tool has high hardness, high wear resistance and good thermal conductivity, which is widely used in machining center tools. The main characteristics of the tool used in the machining center are high efficiency, high stability and long service life. It is indispensable to use the machining center to process the workpiece with high hardness. There are three kinds of materials used in diamond cutting tools, which are pure natural diamond, PCD diamond and CVD diamond.

  1. Natural diamond tools:

Natural diamond has been used as a tool for nearly a hundred years. After fine grinding, the blade of natural diamond tool can be ground very sharp, and can be ground to ultra-thin. After investigation, natural diamond can be finely ground to the edge of 0.002 μ m radius. Using this tool to process workpieces can carry out ultra-thin cutting, and can process the ultimate machining accuracy and smooth surface Said that the surface roughness processed is very low. This kind of natural diamond tool is called irreplaceable ultra precision and ideal tool in the future. Natural diamond tools are easy to use, but they are very expensive. Few enterprises in China are willing to buy such expensive tools.

  1. PCD diamond tools:

PCD diamond material is actually polycrystalline diamond, its English name is polycrystal diamond, PCD diamond is made by high temperature and high pressure synthesis technology. Because of the high price of natural diamond, there are synthetic polycrystalline diamond, its price is only one dozens of natural diamond. However, in terms of performance, polycrystalline diamond can not match, for example, natural diamond can fine grind ultra-thin blade, while polycrystalline diamond can not. In addition, in the machining center, the surface quality of workpiece processed with polycrystalline diamond tool is not as good as that of natural diamond tool. Natural diamond tool can carry out ultra-thin cutting of workpiece, while polycrystalline diamond tool cannot For ultra-thin cutting, polycrystalline diamond tools are suitable for finishing, while natural diamond tools are suitable for ultra-fine machining.

  1. CVD diamond tools:

CVD diamond is also artificially synthesized. It appeared between 1970s and 1980s and was developed by Japan. CVD diamond refers to the synthesis of diamond films on heterogeneous substrates (such as cemented carbide, ceramics, etc.) by chemical vapor deposition (CVD /). The characteristics of CVD diamond are almost the same as that of natural diamond. The tool made of CVD diamond material can be regarded as perfect. It has the advantages of natural diamond and polycrystalline diamond at the same time.

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