You think too much and are destroying you!

You think too much and are destroying you!

Near the graduation season, a student who studied communications engineering found me: “Ye Ge, I want to enter Lenovo Inc. What do you think of Lenovo?”
I said, “professionally speaking, has the school been recruited? Do you have a resume?
He said, “it is not yet thought, it is still under consideration. What position has I gone to do?” I told him, first to recruit websites and people’s official website to see what jobs, look at what positions they meet, after a comprehensive analysis of the resume, interview.
After seven or eight days, my brother came to me again. “Ye brother, I heard that these big companies are very strict, and they are very demanding. Even if they enter the job, the competition is very fierce. I wonder if I want to go.”
“Big companies must be strictly screened. Can they grow fast if competition is fierce? For how many rounds of the interview? ”
He said confidently, “no, not yet. I’ll think about it again.”
Helpless, I can only sigh, these children are too much thinking, writing resume CVS resume so basic things are reluctant to do first. As an old job driver and a post, I often ask some inexplicable questions: I want to do an interesting and interesting activity that is as interesting as growing up. How do I want to do a nice and selling advertisement, what do I want to do?…
For all these big and empty questions, my answer is: do it first.
Both Qian Zhongshu and Yang Jiang have said that the biggest problem for these young people is to read too little and think too much.
Think too much – this is a common problem for many job newcomers and even the old drivers in the workplace. The first step has not been done. There are countless possibilities in mind. In fact, too much thought has become a drag on our life.

Thinking too much can cause anxiety
When I first started work, as a small white, I was very much taken care of by my colleagues. Every day at noon, my boss and Lao Chen will take me, which will help me to integrate into the team.
But for a while, Lao Chen did not call me at noon, but he just nodded and didn’t speak. That time I feel very wrong, every day after work to think, I am not doing wrong what to offend old Chen, or his business did not do well, every night can not sleep, and dare not take the initiative to ask old Chen how. During that time, I lived in anxiety, depression, work pressure and low efficiency.
More than a week later, Lao Chen talked to me and asked me why I was in a bad state recently. Old Chen hahaha laughed, he said, you think more, I pulled out a tooth last week so I can only eat a few light food, talk is not profitable, so I did not eat, talk to everyone.
I have a loose atmosphere, and I think I think too much.
Thinking too much will miss the chance
Last year, when the small program was launched, everyone realized that it was a huge draught and unlimited opportunities. A friend’s company is also aware of this problem, but the director of department is a steady school, and everything must be clear before starting. It is always his creed to think twice before acting, to plan for action, and to demonstrate first. In fact, he must first see what we do and we will do it again.
As a result, a month later, the three small programs launched by the competitors were on fire, and countless awards and traffic were harvested. And we did not even spend 300 yuan on the registration of small programs. We lost the first wave bonus of small programs in vain.
In the Internet industry, the most fear is slow. When you think about it, the opponent has already taken ten steps. The Internet graph is fast, all should be done again, no longer slowly iterative correction.
As the saying goes, when people think, God Laughs; when Internet Co executives think about it, their competitors laugh.
When you are still hesitant, when you are still entangled, when you are looking forward to the beginning of everything, the action parties have already begun to do it. The gap is so open.
As the saying goes, if you want to eat apples, you have to put apple trees first.
Instead of being entangled with whether to start or how to start, it is better to take up the sleeves and take the first step. Hold him! Do it first!
If you want to enter a large company, you should first turn on the computer and write out a resume.
If you want to be a Haruki village tree, write down the first word first.
If you want to travel around the world, go out of your house and go where you can.
Don’t wait to miss all that day to find that you have countless ideas about the future, but all this is only in the stage of thinking, and there is no time and opportunity to come back from the beginning.

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