Advanced screw hole forming process for hardware parts

Advanced screw hole forming process for hardware parts

1. What is a mold punch?

The in-die tapping machine, also known as the in-die tapping machine, is a kind of equipment which cooperates with the continuous die of hardware and can process the screw hole quickly while stamping the hardware parts. At present, the most advanced screw hole forming technology of hardware parts breaks the traditional processing method. Its core is to integrate the traditional “stamping” and “tapping” technology into a direct forming in the die. Because of the effective avoidance of secondary operation (first stamping, then tapping), the production efficiency has been greatly improved, especially suitable for continuous, progressive and precision stamping dies.

In-die tapping technology realizes “chip-free processing” in real sense. Because tapping uses extrusion tap, chips formed by cutting will not be produced in the process of thread forming, which makes it clean and environmentally friendly, and the strength of thread has been improved very well.
Main features:
The production speed is fast and the efficiency is high.

It does not require manpower, long service life and low cost.

Wide range of adaptability, whether side, top, bottom, the screw holes on the inclined surface can be shaped. The blind hole can also be machined.

The specifications of screws are wide, and all kinds of metric, British, American and non-standard screw holes are all suitable.

The installation is simple, quick, stable and reliable.

Two. The working principle of the tapping machine.

In the punch processing cycle, there are three functional processes: feeding, positioning and bending. As shown in the figure below, the slider of the punch moves up and down.

A: punch stroke

B: punch press after product stable travel

C: punch stroke during feeding

Up and down movement of D: tap

Tap travel after stable E: products

F: tap safety clearance

Penetration of G: tap

H: tapping product thickness

K: tap movement during feeding

In the process of punching, B can be used for tapping, and the H of taps is effective processing.

The feeding time (feeding angle) affects the processing time of screw holes. Another factor affecting the processing time of the screw hole is the depth of the screw hole H, that is, how many pitches the depth of the screw hole has, and the more teeth the screw hole has, the more revolving circles it needs. In the process of punching, the processing of screw holes on the workpiece can only be done when the feeding stops and there is no movement in the horizontal direction. Therefore, when the feeding stops, the processing of screw holes begins, and when the feeding stops, the processing is completed at the lower dead point (180), and the lower dead point (180) tap begins to withdraw. Before the feeding starts, the tap goes out of the workpiece screw hole.

Working principle:

The screw nut of the tapping machine is driven by the force of the upper and lower movement of the punch, and the standard torsion is output by the precise transmission ratio, which drives the tap to rotate to complete the tapping operation.

Three. Classification of aircraft

1. mechanical single hole type

2. mechanical porous machine.

3. introduction of mechanical split models

4. servo motor type

5. flexible shaft transmission type

Four. The way to install the tapping machine in the mold.

According to the product, punch and die characteristics, the tapping machine has different installation forms in the mold.

1. installation of mechanical models

(1) Installation method of floating lifting plate, the product has bending and deep drawing, big floating, material conveying and stamping process has up and down movement, there are floating lifting pins to lift and convey materials.

(2) the installation mode of the model is special, and the tap can not reach the screw hole position normally. During the process of material transportation and stamping, there are up and down movements, and the location of the tapping parts is concave or needs special positioning.

(3) Installation mode of base model, material conveying and stamping process, up and down movement is very small, die floating about 0.5-1 mm.

(4) bracket installation mode, manipulator conveying material.

Example of installation: illustration of floating slab mold design

According to the installation mode of the mold tapping machine, the mold design needs to be matched with the mold tapping machine design.

Installation and dismantling methods of mechanical models

Drawer type insertion and pull out installation method, which greatly facilitates the installation and disassembly of customers.

2. servo motor type installation mode

The servo motor type parts are basically similar to the mechanical parts, and the installation methods are very similar.

The floating plate is installed, installed on the upper formwork and installed on the lower formwork. It can be used for the design of automatic equipment for tapping.

3. installation of flexible shaft type

Five, taps

1. taps installation and replacement methods

The tap is self-locking with quick locking, which is convenient, quick, stable and reliable.

2. tap safety protection

In the stamping process, if the punch breaks and there is no bottom hole of the screw, the tap will retract to prevent the tap from breaking and protect the tap.

3. tap cooling mode

Vaporized oil mist cooling: accurate positioning at the tap, uniform atomization, ensure product cleanliness, prevent overheating of the tap.

4. factors affecting life of tap

Material Material: The higher the hardness of the material, the lower the life of the tap, the better the lubrication performance of the material, the longer the life of the tap, the better the material fluidity and the longer the life of the tap.

Taper linear speed: Tapping thread speed of the tap is the best 10 m/min~30 m/min, the speed is more than 30 m/min, the tap life decreases;
Taper cooling and lubrication: Taper high-speed operation produces heat, product materials are easy to bond to the tap groove, so that the screw hole becomes larger. Good cooling

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