Classification of air floatation machine

Cavitation air floatation machine
The cavitation air flotation machine mainly rotates the aeration impeller at high speed through the OLTE cavitation aeration head, so that the gas can disperse quickly in the liquid, and the air flotation effect has been achieved. The rotating impeller at high speed rotates at a speed of 2900 revolving per minute. And the gas from the impeller into the liquid can not quickly spread, the second blades cut it into two bubbles, repeated high speed rotating cutting, finally to achieve small bubbles, resulting in air floatation. For example, the products of Dalian three phase mechanical equipment development Co., Ltd. can reach 20-50 micron diameter bubbles.
OLTE gas floatation machine
OLTE dissolved air floatation machine is mainly through dissolved gas and supersaturated dissolution, and finally released in the flotation tank to achieve air flotation effect.
Dispersing air floater
The dispersing air flotation machine is mainly through dispersing the air bubble to achieve the air flotation effect.
Super efficiency shallow air floatation machine
Super efficiency shallow air floatation device is an advanced air floating system. It has successfully applied the principle of “shallow pool theory” and “zero speed”. It integrates coagulation, air floatation, slag skimming, precipitation and scraping. It is a kind of high efficiency and energy-saving water purification equipment.CQJ super efficiency shallow layer ion flotation is flocculation, air floatation, skimming and scraping mud. The air floatation device of the body is designed with the “shallow pool theory” and “zero speed principle”. The residence time is only 3-5 minutes, and the water is static. The adhesion of the micro bubbles and the floc occurs in the whole process of air flotation, including the contact area, the dross is discharged instantaneously, and the water suspended in the water is low. The removal rate of suspended solids can reach more than 90% – 99.5%. The removal rate of COD can reach 65% – 90%, and the removal rate of chromaticity can reach 70% – 95%.

Do big things, you have to be with a great man

There are 4 big chicken shops in the downstairs snack street of the company. The best thing to eat is Wang Ji. I am a vegetarian to it, the chicken soft road, the soft potato, the tender corn, and the tender corn, but it is the first to close the door in the latest year’s rent.
Is his business not good enough? The fact is that every time we have to leave early, we can have seats. The crux of the problem is that other families have takeaway. Only Wang Kei insists on his taste and refuses to cooperate with all takeaway businesses. But he didn’t know that the Chinese office owners were not too concerned about the perfect taste when they were busy. He also did not know how much he missed in the pursuit of taste and how much lunch he did not want to go out.
You sigh: the seller of conscience is so few, but I still don’t cherish it. Have you ever thought about the reason? High quality products cannot be opened up, because you do not know “sell” quality service!

Dry cut king gives you different cutting experiences

Dry cut small sawblade of our dry cut king gives you different cutting experience, extraordinary temperament, dry cutting strength, the value added formula, in the cutting process, sharpness stronger, more handy.
Dry cutting requirements for small diamond saw blades:
The structure of the 1. saw blade should be fast. In the dry cutting process, in order to ensure the quality of the workpiece and the life of the tool, the cutting tool can be quickly discharged, so that the heat of the incoming workpiece and the tool is greatly reduced.
The friction coefficient between the 2. chips and the cutting tools should be as small as possible. In dry cutting, the high temperature produced in the cutting area produces chemical instability, the friction between the cutting tool and the chip increases and the chip cutting speed slows down, and it is very easy to produce the chip tumor and aggravate the tool wear. Therefore, the friction coefficient between chip and cutter should be reduced.
3. to have excellent high temperature resistance performance: although in dry cutting, the heat produced in the cutting area can not be completely discharged with the chip, but as long as the cutting tool geometry and cutting parameters are selected reasonably, most of the cutting heat can be discharged with the chip, and good processing effect can be obtained.
Dry cut small saw blade without cutting fluid, save cost, protect the environment, give you different cutting experience, is the current more hot saw blade, but also a big progress in the saw blade technology.

A saw blade engraved on a concrete pavement

Road with a series of road concrete saw blade, the industry well-known alloy powder as a matrix formula, upgrading tool life, section type knife head, the road marks no longer need to worry, with the continuous promotion of road construction, carving tools will also continue to upgrade.
Points for attention of road concrete saw blade for pavement cutting
1. in the first operation, the slowest speed should be used first.
2. to ensure the supply of cooling water, special water trucks and on-site water storage facilities are required.
The depth of the 3. section is controlled by the limiting wheel installed on the working floor of both sides of the cutter row, and it adjusts the relative distance between the cutter shaft and the road surface. When the diameter of the saw blade is reduced due to the wear of the cutter head, the wheel must be adjusted in time to reduce the shaft height of the saw blade so as to keep the depth of the cutting groove unchanged.
The cutting, cutting, filling and filling of concrete pavement with concrete saw blades.
1. marks: after the initial coagulation of the concrete pavement and reaching 1.2 to 2 Mpa, the print work can be carried out. The surface of the road is deep 0.5cm, the spacing of the lines is 2.7cm, and the width of each row is 40cm, with a special engraving machine.
2. cutting seam: the shrinkage joint of the concrete surface layer, the width of the contraction joint should be adapted to the cutting seam of the slit machine. The cutting method should be used as far as possible. The cutting speed should be slow and fast first.
3. filling and packing: the treatment of expansion joints of road concrete surface often adopts the method of filling filling and prefabricating flexible embedded seams.

Machining process of NC machine tool

Machining CNC lathe processing refers to the process of machining parts on CNC machine tools. CNC machine tool is a machine used to control the machine tool, used to control the machine tool computer, whether the special computer, or general computer are all known as numerical control system. The movement and auxiliary actions of CNC machine tools are controlled by the instructions issued by NC system.
The instructions of the CNC system are compiled by the programmer based on the material, processing requirements, the characteristics of the machine tool and the instruction format specified by the system (NC language or symbol). The CNC system controls the motion of the machine tool according to the program instructions to send servo or other functional parts to run or terminate information. When the parts processing program is finished, the machine tool will stop automatically. A CNC machine tool can not work without input instructions in its CNC system.
Machine parts of processing center 3-2
The controlled action of machine tool consists of the starting and stopping of the machine tool; the starting and stopping of the spindle, the rotation direction and the transformation of the speed; the direction, the speed and the way of the feed movement; the compensation for the choice of the tool, the length and the radius of the tool; the replacement of the tool, the opening and closing of the coolant, etc.
The CNC machine tool selected the aircraft parts with complex surface as the processing objects at the very beginning, and solved the key problem that the ordinary machining methods were difficult to solve.  The most important feature of NC machining is to use perforated tape (or tape) to control machine tools for automatic processing.
The aircraft, rocket and engine parts have different characteristics: the aircraft and the rocket are zero, the component size is large, the surface is complex, the engine zero, the small size, high precision.
Therefore, the machined aircraft, the rocket manufacturing department and the engine manufacturing department choose the numerical control machine tool to be different. Large numerical control milling machines with continuous control are used in aircraft and rocket manufacturing, while continuous control CNC machine tools are used in engine manufacturing, and numerical control machines (such as NC drilling machine, NC boring machine, machining center, etc.) are used as well as point position control.

How are the elite salesmen in the fastener industry trained

What capabilities do the elite salesmen of the fastener industry need?
1. details are more important than eloquence
For customers to introduce products, do not need gorgeous rhetoric, description of the flamboyant, the product as the first love to understand, see through, for customers to introduce more details, manufacturing technology, factory conditions and so on.
2. sincerity is more important than courtesy
With sincerity to move the customer, the product existing problems should be open and open, the objective analysis of the competitors and their own advantages and disadvantages, so it is easier to move customers, even if not this time, there will be more opportunities for cooperation in the future.
The 3. eye is very important
Use idle time to learn more, learn more about the industry’s new trends, new products, new technologies, enrich their elite, broaden their horizons.
Every top salesman begins with a rookie. As long as it has good business attitude, business communication, business development ability, and continuous enterprising spirit, it is believed that Du en can achieve its own goal.

The working principle of remote control toys

Everyone’s childhood is not only accompanied by their parents, but also accompanied by their brothers and sisters. I was a 70, when the economic conditions were limited. In my memory, my mother bought me a “frog” toy. At that time, there were no such advanced intelligent toys as electric remote control, and the frogs bought by mom must be screwed up by hand to jump up. It should be a rare thing. This frog has been with me for a long time, and it has left me a good memory forever.
Now with the progress of science and technology, children are playing remote control electroplating intelligent series toys. Hundreds of thousands and tens of thousands, and everyone has a lot of toys. What kind of remote control car, remote control aircraft, remote control robot and so on.

The remote control toy car’s wireless remote control is realized: first, there are a lot of triode on the remote control, it can make the power supply to the pulse signal, and the principle of the operation principle of the remote TV remote control. Secondly, there is a chip in the remote control car to receive the pulse, the chip is also composed of the triode, and the receiver is generally controlled by the receiver. It is integrated with the emitter.
The remote controller has a battery patch directly connected to the battery, which is responsible for power transmission. The general battery has tinplate, stainless steel, manganese steel and brass. Tinplate is much more used in remote control toys, because tinplate has good electrical conductivity.

Development of 200 series stainless steel

The 200 series stainless steel was first developed in the United States as a substitute for the 300 series of stainless steel during World War II. At that time, as a result of the war, nickel as strategic material was strictly controlled by the countries concerned, and the supply of nickel in the United States was seriously insufficient. In order to solve the problem of the shortage of nickel supply and the production and supply of stainless steel, the United States has developed a series of new austenitic stainless steel with manganese instead of nickel.
After the end of World War II, the supply of nickel in the United States has gradually improved. Therefore, the production of 300 series of stainless steel is no longer restricted by raw material, so the 200 series has not been greatly developed. Several Indians, who had been involved in the development of 200 series of stainless steel, returned to India and brought back to India the 200 series of stainless steel varieties developed in the United States, starting from the fact that India was a relatively rich manganese resource and a lack of nickel resources.
The application of the 200 series stainless steel in India has been successful because of the possibility of replacing 304 stainless steel in some specific uses.
Most of the 200 series of stainless steel sold in the Chinese market did not control sulfur and carbon content according to the national standard, replacing some or all nickel with manganese (and nitrogen) to produce austenitic stainless steel with lower nickel content.
The defects of this series of materials are that the chromium content below 18% is not balanced with the low nickel content to form ferrite. Therefore, the chromium content in the 200 series stainless steel drops to 13.5% ~ 15%, and some cases fall to 13% to 14%, and the corrosion resistance is not compared with 304 and other similar steels. In addition, under the common acidic conditions in the depositional areas and the corrosion sites of the crevice, manganese and copper in some cases reduced the effect of re passivation. The damage rate of the 200 series steel under these conditions is about 10-100 times that of 304 stainless steel. It is often impossible to control the residual sulphur content and carbon content in these steels in production. Materials can not be traced and tracked, even in material recycling. If Cr-Mn steel is not stated, they will become a dangerous scrap mixed material, resulting in unexpected high manganese content in the casting.

What kind of radiator is good for LED lighting

At present, the biggest technical problem of LED lighting is the problem of heat dissipation, which leads to LED driving power and electrolytic capacitor as the short board for the further development of LED lighting fixtures. The space of traditional lamps and lanterns is narrow and small.

At present, after the LED light source is on power, about 30% of the electric energy is converted into light energy, and the rest is converted into heat energy. Therefore, it is the key technology for the structure design of LED lamps to export so much heat energy as soon as possible. Heat energy needs to be emitted through heat conduction, thermal convection and heat radiation. Only when the heat is exported as soon as possible can the cavity temperature in the LED lamp be reduced effectively in order to protect the power supply from working in a lasting high temperature environment, and to avoid the premature failure of the LED light source because of the long-term high temperature work.
LED radiator 1
Looking for simple and easy to use, good thermal conductivity, and low cost heat dissipation material has been our pursuit. On the market, it is often used to squeeze aluminum heat sink as LED luminaire for heat dissipation. Its principle is to squeeze liquid aluminum through a fixed mold, and then cut the bar into a desired shape of the radiator, and then after the deep processing. Extrusion of aluminum radiator, its fin can be done a lot of very thin, the maximum expansion of heat dissipation area, heat dissipation wing automatically forms the air convection heat, heat dissipation effect is very good.
LED radiator 2

What are the advantages of using aluminum profile as radiator for comparison with other materials? Such as energy saving, material saving, decoration, price, weight, and so on. The high thermal conductivity of aluminum profiles is the decisive factor for maintaining good heat dissipation function and the most ideal medium for thermal energy conversion. The characteristics are: less time, fast heating, high efficiency, light and smart, and easy to process is a major feature. The radiator of the same specification, the weight of the aluminum profile is 1/3 of the steel radiator.

What are the characteristics and precautions of dental tapping machine

he tapping machine is a machine tool for machining internal threads, screws, or tooth buckles on the inner surface of the holes of various holes or blind holes with different specifications, such as the shell of the machine parts, the end face of the equipment, the nut, the flange plate and so on. Suitable for automobile or motorcycle body, frame, chassis, connecting rod, engine, cylinder and various mechanical parts, machine tools, hardware products, metal pipe, gear, pump body, valve, fastener and other parts processing. The following is a brief introduction of the characteristics and points for attention in the following aspects:
First, the characteristics of the tapping machine

(1) teeth with fast speed, high accuracy and attack can be examined by dental examination.
(2) high precision tapping stroke adjustment is simple, automatic reversing device can freely adjust tapping stroke, and shallow hole and hole low machining parts can also be easily adjusted.
(3) the double safety device can prevent the damage of the screw attack, the spindle rotation and the upper and lower, the return knife special double safety clutch, the spindle can automatically stop, the reversing knife will not damage the tool.
(4) the shaft is fully coordinated with the main shaft in accordance with the tooth distance, and the vertical stability, precision and precision are especially high.
(5) it can be operated continuously at high speed, and the special motor can be durable and automatic.
(6) the operator can leave the machine completely, and the beginner can operate smoothly. One person can operate multiple devices at the same time, which can significantly save labor costs.

Two. Attention to the operation of the tapping machine
(1) the position of the work piece of the full automatic tapping machine is correct, and the center line of the threaded hole is placed in the horizontal or vertical position as far as possible, so that the tapping is easy to judge whether the axis of the tapping is perpendicular to the plane of the workpiece. The hole of the threaded bottom hole on the workpiece is chamfered, and both ends of the threaded hole are chamfered.
(2) the taps should be placed as far as possible at the beginning of the attack, and then the taps are added to the taps and the wrench is rotated. The position of the taps should be carefully checked and corrected when the taps are cut in. The taps should be correct. In the future, it is necessary to rotate the wrench instead of adding pressure to the tap, otherwise the thread form will be damaged.
(3) the taps and screw holes must be coaxial when tapping, and the calibration part of taps can not be all out, otherwise they will produce random teeth when they exit the tap. The chips can be easily broken off and broken, and the cutting edges can be reduced due to sticky chips. When you are unable to get through the screw holes, you must quit the tap and remove the chips in the hole.
(4) when changing a tap in the process of tapping, use your hands to spin into the tapping and thread, until you can’t screw in, and then use the wrench to turn. When the end cone is finished, it is also necessary to avoid rotating the wrench rapidly. It is better to use hand to spin out to ensure the quality of the thread has not been affected.
(5) special tapping oil should be used when drilling holes in plastic materials. For ordinary carbon steel, copper and aluminum alloy and other materials, the general machine contains tapping oil from lard. For stainless steels and titanium alloys, high extreme pressure tapping oil containing sulfurized fatty acid esters is the best choice.
(6) the cutting speed of the automatic tapping machine should be adjusted according to the different material. When the same material is used, the tap diameter is higher and the tap diameter is larger.