Promoting the transformation and upgrading of the hardware cutting industry

Promoting the transformation and upgrading of the hardware cutting industry

ecently, Yangjiang hardware and cutting enterprises and enterprises are leading 1 international standards, 2 national standards, 8 industry standards and 5 local standards, including the first national standard “stainless steel fruit knife” and the first international standard “the requirements of ceramic cutting tools”. The main practices are:

First, the policy guidance is the plank. The plan for the implementation of the “Yangjiang technical standard strategy” in 13th Five-Year is organized and implemented to strengthen the construction of standardized technical institutions and encourage enterprises and institutions to actively undertake the work of the national and provincial professional standardization technical committees. We should play a coordinated role in the implementation of the system of the Joint Conference on technical standards, and establish a working mechanism for the overall coordination of the government leaders, the comprehensive coordination of the standardized departments in charge and the coordination of division of labor in various departments. Through a variety of media, such as newspapers, television, network and other media, a variety of ways to publicize standardization work, make the standardization strategy deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, get the market identification, drive the hardware knife and scissors enterprises to promote the initiative and initiative of standardization. The initiative provides guidance and help for the units applying for the standard revision of the project, providing guidance for the difficult units in the project, making the projects applied in the city in order and the completion time of the project is greatly shortened.

The two is to support the technical support. Strengthen the inspection and inspection ability. In cooperation with Rhine (TUV) and the British Tianxiang ITS company, we have realized mutual recognition of data, 104 laboratories accredited / authorized products and 906 projects, which basically cover the testing items of hardware and cutting products. We should strengthen innovation and development. Through the opening of the laboratory, sharing the high-end instruments and equipment, standard information and other resources, the key technology, key technology, forward-looking technology and common technology research in the field of hardware and cutting can achieve great breakthrough. At present, the center has 10 provincial science and technology projects, 5 municipal science and technology projects, 2 technical R & D service projects, 6 patents, 5 municipal scientific and technological progress awards and 6 municipal scientific and technological progress awards. Promote the revision of the standard system. Leading the formulation of “ceramic tool requirements” international standards, 2 national standards, 8 industry standards and 5 local standards. Research on detection technology. To promote the drafting of cutters’ sharpness and durability test methods by enterprises and institutions, to fill gaps in inspection and testing standards for sharpness and durability of hardware scissors industry. Attract high-end talents and build professional and technical personnel training platform.  The center employs 6 graduate students, 2 senior engineers and 1 academic leaders. It provides strong human resources support for the inspection and scientific research of hardware and cutting products, and trains the “craftsmen” team with quality consciousness and quality skills to provide talent training support for the enterprise’s innovation and development.

The three is to help with special funds. Yangjiang municipal Party committee and municipal government have issued the “special fund management method for the implementation of Yangjiang city’s technical standard strategy”, “Yangjiang Municipal People’s Government Office of the Yangjiang municipal Party Office of the Communist Party of China on speeding up the development of the hardware and cutting industry of the Yangjiang hardware” and “the Yangjiang Municipal People’s government to further accelerate the development of the private economy.” The opinions of the exhibition and other documents provide financial support funds for standardization projects. Since the establishment of the special fund, we have funded 6 standard revision projects of hardware knife and scissors, and funded more than 1 million 600 thousand yuan. The development of related projects has been strongly supported.

The four is to take careful service as the focus. To guide the project to recognize the positive significance of the revised project to the development of the enterprise and industry, the analysis of the process of the revision of the system, the key points and difficulties in the revision of the standard system and the guidance, to help the units to make the project plan, to follow up the progress of the project, and to promote the development of the related projects. Under the guidance of the Bureau, Yangjiang Kang Li daily products Co., Ltd. has led the industry standard of “stainless steel fruit and vegetable planing General requirements”, and completed the work in less than two years. The “speed of Yangjiang” in the standard field has been widely recognized.

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