Ten kinds of salesmen are easy to be eliminated

Ten kinds of salesmen are easy to be eliminated

1. Salesmen who always fail to achieve their goals are easily eliminated.

It is not necessarily the salesman who fails to achieve the goal. However, a salesman who always fails to achieve his goals, no matter how many problems the enterprise has, such salesman will become the first object to be eliminated, because the managers of the enterprise will think that: the enterprise has too many salesmen who fail to achieve the goals like you, so the performance of the enterprise is problematic; besides, the enterprise can not always achieve the goals, and the enterprise can not afford you.

2. Salesmen who are complained by distributors are easily eliminated

Most enterprises pay more attention to dealers than salesmen. As a salesman said, when a dealer needs to be cut off, the managers of the enterprise may not attach importance to and agree with it; when a dealer complains about a salesman, the managers of the enterprise may not immediately hit the salesman, or even directly hit the salesman with the word ________

3. Businessmen who just talk and don’t play tricks are easy to be eliminated.

The “old man” who has been doing business for several years will become an “old stick”. It was not long before the first three axes accumulated could not be found. This kind of empty-handed salesman is not popular in old and new enterprises.

4. Salesmen who like to confront their superiors are easily eliminated

No matter how bad the supervisor is, as long as it’s your supervisor, at least it shows that he’s better than you in some ways. If you like to confront your superiors, it means that you expose and magnify your shortcomings without seeing their strengths and strengths. Can you still “fool” under your superiors? Quick go, you will be expelled if you don’t leave.

5. Self-righteous and self-righteous salesmen are easily eliminated

Some business people start to think that they are great after they have achieved little. They don’t follow the company’s established strategies and plans, and they believe that they are in control. With their achievements, the leaders will think that you are not obedient to management and that something is wrong, which just makes you “go to hell”.

6. Complaining and complaining salesmen are easily eliminated

In business meetings, there are always several salesmen complaining about poor product quality, high prices, small promotions, less advertising, heavy tasks and so on. Within two months, such salesmen “went to one side to cool down”. What enterprises need is elites who can solve practical problems, not “observers”.

7. Businessmen who are jealous of virtue and ability are easily eliminated

Their own poor performance, look at others’good performance on the “red eye”: fleeing goods, smashing prices, looking for a few buddies “rumor” him and so on. When the truth is in front of us, we have to leave a good example to learn.

8. Self-promotion salesmen are easily eliminated

Some salesmen like to publicize themselves on the Internet or in some public places after they have made some achievements, and put their achievements in their pockets. As everyone knows, the performance of a market is created by many departments and personnel. Without the systematic support of the platform, the strength of individual business personnel is extremely limited.

9. Fake salesmen are easily eliminated during business trips

Some salesmen take advantage of the loopholes in business management. First, they cheat on business trips, and second, they cheat on business tickets, and the money they don’t spend turns into so much money. Once a salesman has formed such bad habits, it is difficult to get rid of them easily. However, “often walk by the river, where there are no wet shoes”, once found by business managers, only fall into the river.

10. Unconstrained private life is easy to be eliminated

Due to long-term outside, far away from the management and supervision of enterprises and families, a considerable number of salesmen will become unrestrained in their private life. Once corrupted, such salesmen can not cultivate the market like “old scalpers”. Only after “soaking in bars, building the Great Wall, washing saunas, looking for massage” and other songs and dances are leveled, the smoke disappears.

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