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Advantages and disadvantages of CNC process

In the field of mechanical processing industry, with the continuous development of science and technology, ordinary processing equipment has been unable to meet the market demand. Most mechanical processing manufacturers have added or replaced precision CNC processing equipment (CNC machine tools). Precision CNC processing has replaced ordinary machine tools, which improves the production and processing efficiency and stabilizes the production and processing quality. This is the main advantage of CNC precision machining equipment, but there are also disadvantages, let’s see

Advantages: high precision CNC machining, high efficiency; Pearl River Delta region, Dongguan processing industry, precision CNC processing also known as computer gong processing, also belongs to CNC machine tool processing equipment. In the process of processing, the automatic operation is completely controlled by the code command, which reduces the labor operation. Because it belongs to numerical control processing equipment, the production efficiency is many times that of ordinary machine tools, and the processing quality is relatively stable. When multiple or batch parts are processed, the production efficiency is more obvious.

Disadvantages: CNC processing failure, maintenance costs are high; In case of failure in precision CNC processing, after-sales service can replace the parts, or the parts have passed the shelf life, the cost of maintenance is quite expensive, because in CNC processing precision, sometimes there may be small problems, and the equipment can not operate normally, so it needs professional technicians to maintain. But the general professional technician salary is high, causes the maintenance cost to increase.

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