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Application scope of lathe parts

Lathe parts, as the name implies, are products processed by lathe. Lathe parts can be divided into many kinds according to different types of lathes. The most common ones are automatic lathes, CNC lathes, instrument lathes, etc. The hardware materials used in lathe parts are copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.

Lathe parts are widely used, involving electronic appliances, hardware tools, toys, plastics and other industries. Compared with other fasteners, its main feature is precision, the tolerance can reach plus or minus 0.01mm, or even more accurate. Of course, its price is much higher than other hardware.

Automatic lathe parts are parts processed by automatic lathe. The maximum processing diameter is 20 mm and the maximum processing length is 90 mm. Due to the small size and high speed of processing parts, the price is relatively low. The machining precision is high, and the tolerance can be controlled within plus or minus 0.01 mm.

CNC lathe parts are parts processed by CNC CNC lathe. The maximum machining diameter can reach 60 and the maximum processing length is 300 mm. The processed parts are large, complex in shape and high in precision. They can be turned in several times, and the tolerance can be up to plus or minus 0.002 mm. It has more advantages in processing stainless steel products. Due to the expensive machine and low processing efficiency, the processing cost is relatively high.

The reason why lathe parts have higher processing cost than other hardware products is because of the high precision, low speed and low output. After a large part of lathe parts are processed on the machine, they need secondary processing to meet the functional requirements, such as: milling groove, drilling, milling edge, chamfering and so on.