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Causes of chromium plating rust on 45 steel

45 ᦇ why will steel rust after chrome plating? In fact, steel chrome plating will not rust, if there is rust, there must be a reason, let’s take a look

In the process of machining mechanical parts, there are several reasons for parts to rust after chrome plating,

  1. If the parts are not thrown to the position during chrome plating, the chrome plating chemical solution can not hold the surface of the parts, and it will rust after a period of use;
  2. The time for mechanical parts to be put in the liquid medicine is not enough, so that the chromium plating layer on the surface is thin, and the surface will rust in the process of mechanical parts assembly;
  3. When the surface is treated with chromium plating, the temperature of the liquid medicine is not enough to make the machined parts fail to meet the treatment requirements, and it will be easy to rust later! This is also caused by incorrect surface treatment and process of chromium plating.

The above is the reason why the chromium plating treatment of 45 steel will rust. Thank you for sharing!

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