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Causes of computer gong limit alarm

Cause analysis of positive and negative hard limit alarm of computer gong

Computer gong processing in normal circumstances will not appear this alarm, but what is the reason for this situation?

  1. The contact of travel switch is pressed and stuck (over travel);
  2. The travel switch is damaged;
  3. There is open circuit, short circuit and no signal source in the travel switch circuit;
  4. The limit stop cannot press the switch contact to the action position;
  5. The PLC input point is burnt out.

Many times, due to the improper use of the operation and technical personnel, or the work handover is not in place, there will be some failures in the processing of computer gongs. How can we prevent the deformation of parts in the processing of computer gongs?

In order to meet the requirements of ultra-high speed machining, the computer gong machining will adopt the structure of spindle motor and machine tool spindle, which realizes the integration of variable frequency motor and machine tool spindle. The bearing of spindle motor adopts magnetic floating bearing, hydrodynamic bearing or ceramic rolling bearing. Deformation often occurs in the process of processing, how to prevent it?

1、 In order to reduce the influence of cutting force and cutting heat, the deformation caused by rough machining can be corrected in finish machining.

2、 In order to reduce the influence of clamping force, the following measures are taken to reduce the influence of clamping force

  1. When radial clamping is used, the clamping force should not be concentrated on a radial section of the workpiece, but should be distributed over a larger area to reduce the clamping force per unit area of the workpiece.
  2. The position of clamping force should be selected in the part with strong rigidity to improve the deformation of thin-walled parts under the action of clamping force.
  3. Change the direction of clamping force, change the radial clamping to axial clamping.
  4. In order to reduce the clamping deformation, the computer gong processes the process boss or thread to strengthen the rigidity of the workpiece. When processing, the special structure claw is used to clamp, and the convex edge is cut off at the end of processing.