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CNC computer gong processing for the knife

In the case of the same tool, the feed is inversely proportional to the feed. In general, the load of the machine tool is not a problem. The principle of tool selection mainly depends on whether the two-dimensional angle and three-dimensional arc of the product are too small. After the tool is selected, the tool length will be determined. The principle is that the tool length is greater than the processing depth, and whether the chuck can be removed for large parts.

The purpose of light knife: to meet the workpiece processing requirements: finish, flying die allowance, copper male spark position, etc., at the same time, as large as possible, as fast as possible, because the precision knife takes a long time, with the most appropriate feed and feed, in the same feed, the larger the transverse feed, the faster. The surface feed is related to the finish after processing, and the feed size is related to the surface shape In the case of no damage to the surface, the minimum allowance should be left, the maximum knife should be used, the fastest Belt should be rotated, and the proper feeding should be carried out.

Clamping method:

  1. All clamps are long horizontally and short vertically;
  2. Vise clamping: the clamping height should not be less than 10 mm. When processing the workpiece, the clamping height and processing height must be specified. The processing height should be about 5 mm higher than the vise plane, so as to ensure the firmness and not damage the vise. This kind of clamping belongs to general clamping, and the clamping height is also related to the size of the workpiece. The larger the workpiece is, the higher the clamping height will be;
  3. Splint clamping: the splint is fixed on the worktable with the code, and the workpiece is locked on the splint with the screw. This kind of clamping is suitable for the workpiece with insufficient clamping height and large processing force, generally medium and large workpieces, and the effect is very good.
  4. When the workpiece is large, the clamping height is not enough, and it is not allowed to lock the thread at the bottom, it should be clamped with code iron. This kind of clamping needs to be clamped twice

a. First code the four corners, process the other parts, and then code the four sides and process the four corners. The principle is that during the second clamping, be very careful not to let the workpiece loose, code before loosening,

b. Also has first code two sides, processes other two sides