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CNC lathe parts processing design

CNC processing and production design is based on the actual CNC processing technology level and production capacity of the enterprise, emphasizing the combination of design and CNC processing technology and production. Product design is not only graphic design, but also includes CNC processing technology design and production design. Production design should be mainly studied from the following aspects:

A. simplify the function or shape of parts;

B. maximize the standardization, generalization and serialization of products;

C. make the material grade, variety and specification specified in the design drawings consistent with the use of existing materials as far as possible;

D. combining the CNC machining process of computer gong with CNC machining process of computer gong more effectively;

E according to the CNC processing technology, operation rules and relevant information of the current normal production of the enterprise to judge the rationality of CNC processing technology design of the computer gong;

F select the dimension tolerance and surface roughness that can be guaranteed by mature CNC processing technology;

G comprehensive analysis of information related to the production process, the main parts of the necessary value engineering analysis.