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CNC parts processing cost calculation

In the machining industry, the simplest way to promote cooperation is to understand the processing fee first. In fact, the cost accounting of precision parts processing fee is very simple. It’s just a simple quotation method. You can calculate the price of raw materials and material density of parts. You can roughly calculate the material price of parts by looking at the size of drawings. Let’s take a look at the cost accounting formula of parts processing fee:

In the calculation of parts processing cost, we should know the weight of raw materials: we should also consider the machining allowance of raw materials, and increase the overall size by about 5-8mm. Process requirements: the size of parts requires high, the processing technology will be complex, and the processing cost will increase, especially the single piece processing. Number of machined parts: for the machining industry, small batch parts processing can save clamping time and improve production and processing efficiency. The difference in price is 3-5 times. Single piece processing is not suitable for batch quotation, and the final quotation is based on the processing technology on the drawing.

The above is about the cost accounting of mechanical parts processing fees.

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