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Computer gong oil leakage

(1) Influence of clearance factor

The leakage is directly proportional to the size of the seal gap, and the larger the gap, the greater the leakage.

(2) Influence of internal and external pressure difference

The leakage is directly proportional to the internal and external pressure difference of the seal, and the greater the pressure difference, the greater the leakage.

(3) Influence of medium viscosity

The leakage of computer gong processing is inversely proportional to the viscosity of medium. The smaller the medium viscosity, the easier the leakage occurs.

(4) Effect of seal length

In the gap damping, the leakage is inversely proportional to the seal length. The larger the seal length is, the less likely it is to leak.

(5) Influence of ambient temperature

The leakage rate is directly proportional to the ambient temperature. Generally, with the increase of temperature, the viscosity of liquid medium becomes thinner, and the molecular motion of gaseous medium intensifies, which makes the leakage increase.

(6) Performance influence of sealing materials

Including the compactness, pressure flexibility, wear resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and processability of the material, the change of leakage condition can be determined.

(7) The velocity effect of relative motion

In rotating shaft or reciprocating movement of the seal, high-speed computer gongs processing its relative speed has the greatest impact on the leakage. Generally speaking, the higher the rotating speed of the rotating shaft, the faster the medium leakage. Moreover, in reciprocating motion, the leakage of medium is also related to the direction of motion.

(8) Influence of vibration and shock on machine tools

The vibration and impact produced by the machine itself or by external forces have a direct impact on the medium leakage.

In order to completely eradicate the oil leakage phenomenon of machine tools, attention should be paid to all aspects of design, manufacturing, use and maintenance. Dongguan Mechanical parts processing ensures that the work in each stage fully meets the requirements of relevant standards. In the actual work of CNC machining, it is necessary to investigate and study the leakage of existing equipment, find out the parts of oil leakage, analyze the causes of oil leakage, and take effective measures At the same time, information feedback should be done to ensure that the same leakage problem will not happen again.