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How to get parameters for machining mechanical parts

It is difficult to guarantee the size of the curve groove at the front and lower end of the part, and the two 90 ° notches are not closed. It is necessary to do auxiliary line closure before programming.

There are two ellipses in different directions on the inner contour of the back, such as computer gong processing, Dongguan computer gong processing, high-speed CNC processing, mechanical parts processing, CNC machining center, which consists of inner and outer hexagonal petals composed of circular arcs, and two arc curved islands above and below. These elements need to be rounded in processing, so it is more convenient to select a reasonable shape.

2. Analysis of parts processing technology

When CAXA is used to manufacture engineering parts, there is no need to draw complete parts for reprocessing. Firstly, the downtime is long and the processing time is wasted. Secondly, when selecting local processing, the elements of parts will interfere, which makes it inconvenient to get the program path.

When machining plane contour elements, the software supports only drawing out the contour line of parts for rough and finish machining. Surface machining can be programmed by solid or surface machining. Surface must be used to realize local machining, and some finishing commands can only use curved surface to select machining.

The rough machining command can not only realize rough machining, but also be used as finishing command.

The finishing command can use the track translation to form multiple levels, and the connecting track becomes a whole rough machining command; the rough machining command can change a layer of machining track into a finishing command by setting the layer height.

The plane contour elements of “CAXA Manufacturing Engineer” can use plane area rough machining and contour line finishing to finish the rough and finish machining of parts, and can also use contour finishing to do rough machining. Computer gong machining, Dongguan computer gong machining, high speed CNC machining, mechanical parts processing, CNC surface roughing can use equal height rough machining, or two finishing commands of parameter line finishing and three-dimensional offset surface can be used for rough and finish machining.

Due to the high dimensional accuracy in the drawing, it is decided to use rough machining, semi finishing and finishing to achieve dimensional accuracy. Semi finishing and finishing use the same cutting tool and cutting parameters, which can correct various geometric errors of the cutter and elastic deformation of parts, and ensure the size easily. It is also necessary to finish the important bottom surface.

The part is processed by FANUC CNC machining center. All tool paths are generated according to FANUC post format, and the transmission uses CAXA’s own communication function according to FANUC settings. The larger surface program is processed online. The later processing programming ends with tool path. For parts such as box, bracket and connecting rod, the plane should be machined first and then the hole should be processed. In this way, the hole can be processed by plane positioning, which ensures the accuracy of plane and hole orientation, and brings convenience to the processing of holes on the plane.

2、 Machining datum plane first

In the process of parts processing, the surface as the positioning reference should be processed first, so as to provide the precise reference for the subsequent processing as soon as possible. It is called “benchmark first”.

3、 Finishing

The finishing of the primary surface (such as grinding, honing, finishing grinding / rolling, etc.) should be carried out at the final stage of the process road. After processing, the surface finish should be above ra0.9um, and slight bumping will damage the appearance. In Japan, Germany and other countries, after finishing, it is necessary to use flannelette for maintenance. It is absolutely forbidden to touch the workpiece directly with hands or other objects to avoid polishing The appearance of the finishing process is damaged by the transfer and installation between processes.

4、 Distinguish processing stages

The appearance with high machining quality is divided into three stages: rough machining, semi finishing and finishing