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How to improve precision machining?

Facing the penetration of high-tech such as artificial intelligence and big data into mechanical parts processing enterprises, the traditional precision mechanical parts processing plants are more distant. On the one hand, a large number of people are still not allowed to learn CNC parts processing and programming from scratch. On the other hand, these skills are brilliant, but it is difficult to land them. If a mechanical parts processing factory wants to invest in these skills, it may lose all its energy and cause the previous achievements to be wasted.

Now, precision machine parts processing plant is facing a big dilemma, that is, the profit margin is too low and the technology content is lower. The workshop of machine parts processing is still the traditional assembly line. In such a production mode, the new generation of employees are also defined as equipment and cost, and the subjective initiative cannot be developed. The old model is really out of date, and the new generation of employees are more and more disgusted with these mechanical work. Therefore, the automatic and intelligent machining of mechanical parts is highly sought after in order to completely free the hands of human beings. The manufacturing of some large products, such as automobiles and home appliances, is still basically automated. However, the manufacturing of Zhihao mobile phones, iPads and other products requires high precision. If the current automation equipment is unable to correctly install a soft cable, it is still necessary to ask for help In precision machine parts processing plant.