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Importance of Forging and Stamping

Forging, stamping and sheet metal manufacturing industry is a very important basic industry in manufacturing industry, but it is a labor-intensive industry dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises. According to the current reality, small and medium-sized forging, stamping and sheet metal manufacturing enterprises can hardly enjoy any policy dividends. In addition, forging, stamping and sheet metal manufacturing industries need to continue to carry out technological process development. Support is the current implementation of strong foundation projects, because it belongs to product or project support policy, so the forging, stamping and sheet metal manufacturing industry projects are not paid enough attention to and intentionally strengthened.

Even so, driven by the investment boom in the past few years, some forging, stamping and sheet metal manufacturing enterprises have begun to expand the industrial chain, blindly entering the downstream user industry, not only forging enterprises, including machine processing enterprises and main engine factories, but also the phenomenon of overinvestment is everywhere. Private enterprises are particularly prominent, and investment penetrates into each other. Everyone has made further progress, past high. The phenomenon of excess capacity is aggravated by the high input of growth, but the newly-entered enterprises can not do it because of the lack of accumulation of products with high technical requirements, while the products with low added value fall into vicious competition and the profits become thinner and thinner. This makes the competition of enterprises mainly embodied in the quantity expansion of resource input and output and the price competition, rather than the centralized independent innovation ability. High quality and improvement of product quality.

High-speed and high-precision are the development trends of precision high-speed pressure. In order to achieve high-speed and high-precision, foreign precision high-speed pressure manufacturers have done a lot of research in the fields of dead-point control of driving mechanism, and formed many patents.

“Flower sedan chairs are lifted by all”, which is a very vivid metaphor. In terms of further expanding and consolidating the source of tourists, Yangli has made great efforts.