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Introduction of cam processing with computer gong

For the processing of camshaft and large crankshaft, we hope that the equipment has better controllability, multi-functional and flexible turn milling head, and strong anti-collision protection function. Generally, in addition to the advanced and stable CNC system, the static geometric accuracy should be reliable, stable and have a long retention. The dynamic positioning accuracy should be implemented according to the vdi3441 standard, especially exaggerating the acceptance and assessment of the repeated positioning accuracy PS. since the positioning accuracy and reverse clearance can be compensated by the CNC system, the repeated positioning accuracy is the manufacturing precision It can’t compensate for the combination of degree and transmission chain precision.

When machining slender shaft, it is required to be able to measure the bending degree in the middle of crankshaft during clamping, and compensate the center frame through the numerical control system. At the same time, it is required to realize the function of online measurement through the instrument during machining. The key points to be achieved in Camshaft machining are: the perpendicularity of the two outer faces of flange relative to the camshaft axis, the runout of flange is 0.02mm, and the distance between the two flanges is 0.02mm The position degree of two road holes relative to the axis of the boss on the same side, the coaxiality of one hole relative to the other, the dimensional accuracy of each cam profile, and the shape and position accuracy include the profile degree, the runout of the base circle relative to the axis of the boss at both ends of the camshaft, and the parallelism of the generatrix of the cam profile relative to the axis of the boss at both ends of the camshaft. Similarly, for the crankshaft connecting rod neck processing, it is necessary to maintain a number of requirements such as coaxiality and parallelism.

Generally, it doesn’t need a lot of complex process equipment. The parts with complex shape and high precision can be processed by programming. When the product is modified and the design is changed, as long as the program is changed, there is no need to redesign the tooling. Therefore, CNC lathe processing can greatly shorten the product development cycle, and provide a shortcut for new product development, product improvement and modification.

CNC lathe processing is mainly aimed at the characteristics of wood products processing industry, combined with the operating habits, using the Chinese character operation, easy to learn and use (primary school education can operate the CNC system), can process cylinder, cone, arc, spherical and other complex shapes of rotary wood parts, can be set flexibly at any time, quickly change the processing style, the processing batch of parts should be more than For various reasons, the pure cutting time only accounts for 10% – 30% of the actual working time when machining medium and small batches of parts on non CNC grinding machine by ordinary lathe and batch CNC lathe.