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Process of customized screw packing machine

First of all, understand the purpose of packaging. And their own requirements. Provide to packing machine manufacturer according to requirement.

For example, a screw wrapper needs a package of several specifications (the largest package) and a package of several other specifications. The style of the bag to be packed.

This will be given to the packing machine manufacturer. The manufacturer will give you detailed plans and quotations according to your requirements. Generally, there are two options for you to choose.

2. Machine characteristics of screw packing machine

1. Use Mitsubishi PLC touch screen control system, support Chinese and English, simple and practical operation.

2. Screw packaging machine realizes printing two-dimensional code, bar code, batch number and other information on the packaging film of the packaging machine.

3. The vibration disc produced by the screw packing machine is more wear-resistant, will not wear any material surface, and the noise generated is the smallest. The weight of the whole set of vibrating discs varies from 60 to 200 kg. The heavier the chassis, the more stable and smooth the material discharged, and the greater the overall load gravity, which is also the first one in the industry.

The counting method of screw packing machine adopts precise counting control device to ensure the accuracy of counting. Choose the best counting system according to the customer’s specific material.

4. Each set of vibrating disc of screw packing machine is equipped with full stop, alarm or stop device to ensure the accuracy of each bag. The equipment has self-diagnostic function.

When a fault occurs, it can automatically alarm or stop (alarm or stop user can choose), and it has several emergency stop buttons, which is convenient for operation.

5. The screw packing machine can automatically arrange, count, fill, seal, package and transport materials. The number of packages can be adjusted at will, the number of bags can be controlled by itself, the number of packages can be displayed automatically, and the workload of the machine can be counted conveniently.

6. The screw packing machine has reliable safety protection function (all dangerous parts are equipped with safety protection device).

7. The screw packing machine is highly compatible and can meet the packaging requirements of more than 90% parts of different shapes on the market.

8. The screw packing machine adopts two sets of tracks to be installed in the chain bucket. The chain bucket is more stable, fast, safe and low noise in the process of advancing. The stainless steel fuselage is clean and tidy in appearance, and the conveying height of the traditional on-line chain bucket is thoroughly solved by adopting the conveying system of reducing the height.

9. The screw packing machine has automatic detection of material shortage and material shortage. When material shortage and material shortage occur, the equipment will stop and alarm automatically. Each feeder in the equipment can be opened or closed at will to facilitate production needs.

10. The screw packing machine has high working efficiency, up to 50 packages per minute, saves more than 90% of the labor, and the highest feeding speed of a single work station can reach 500 pieces per minute. (Specific packing speed depends on material shape, technology and other factors)

11. According to the actual needs of customers, the sorter can be added and controlled by PLC alone, which further ensures the accuracy of quantity and the fastest detection speed can reach more than 100 packages per minute.

11. Screw packing machine can add vibration disc feeder, vibration disc sound insulation box, bag punching device, bag labeling machine, ordinary typewriter, intelligent typewriter, finished product conveyor, weight sorter, box opener, box loader and other equipment according to customer’s requirements.