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Quality is the ultimate sword for subsequent successors

A few days ago, a customer friend came to my shop and did not ask for several products directly. He did not pay. What are the customers thinking about? What are you hesitating about? Worry about the quality! At about 5 p.m., I actively contacted the buyer to remind us to pay in time. I could also deliver the goods on the same day. I sincerely chatted with him, not surprisingly, because he bought the product at the other house last time. Then we went to Wangwang to chat, and I photographed the physical drawings to the customers, and finally paid the goods. Logistics was also very fast. At noon on the third day, the buyer received less than half an hour’s delivery, and then went on to place a larger order. Thank the customers and friends for their trust and support! In fact, we think about empathy, we often shop online, unhappy shopping happens. So we must be patient with every customer friend.