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RC Short-Course Truck

Note: this column is written by Mr. Bamboo, founder of RCFans. All the articles are published in the magazine named Car and Driver, which can be purchased in the book newsstands all over China. If anyone reprints the article in this column, it must be licensed by the original author Bamboo and “famous car”. Otherwise, any reprint and reference are embezzled.

In 1983, the Mickey Thompson short haul truck race was first held on the west coast of the United States. Today, the short haul truck race has evolved into a way of life in North America! The remote control short haul truck (RC Short-Course Truck) is also called the remote control field truck in the field of remote control model cars. In fact, the remote short haul truck (hereinafter referred to as short haul truck) is not a new type of remote control car, it has been in the field of RC for many years! However, with the popularity of electric brushless in recent years, short haul trucks have launched a new craze.

Short haul trucks, though belonging to the off-road type remote control model cars, are smaller and smaller than the remote control big foot cars because of their short suspension travel, so the short haul trucks are far less capable of off-road performance and the ability to pass the rugged terrain than the big foot remote control cars, but they have faster speed, lighter body and frame. With smaller complexity and flexible manipulation, short haul trucks are superior to big foot remote control cars in the cross-country runways. In recent years, big brands also specializes in competition grade short haul trucks. In addition, the operation of short haul trucks is very real, the appearance is high, and many players have been referred to as the image of the off-road remote control car. The king of truth and manipulation! Because the short haul truck is full of fun and the maintenance is less, more and more remote car enthusiasts join the short haul truck, and the race of short haul trucks is getting more and more.
The old 1/10 rear drive short haul truck structure is similar to the rear drive off-road vehicle (EP Buggy), a lot of parts and electric off-road vehicles are common, because it is the relationship of the rear wheel drive, which is difficult to control, but is not as sensitive as the electric off-road vehicle. Now the new style short haul truck changes the old frame structure, the suspension rocker is lengthened, the center of gravity of the frame is further reduced, the driving mode is no longer a single rear wheel drive. The most advanced remote control car technology, such as four drive, brushless motor, lithium battery, 2.4G transmission and so on, is added to the short haul truck, and the performance of the car is greatly improved. The mainstream remote control short haul truck has two kinds of drive mode of rear drive and four drive. The power source uses brushless motor and battery, the short haul truck using methanol engine, as well as the real prototype short haul truck, the remote control short haul truck frame is longer, the body is wider, and the walking posture can be shaped with “smart, elegant”. Rong, the manipulators can appreciate a unique wild and bold pleasure. The short haul truck frame structure is simple, the loss rate is low, the maintenance is convenient, some type of car also has the waterproof performance. It can be said that the remote control short haul truck is the remote control model car of all weather and multi terrain.

Whether it’s a new rookie or a super enthusiast, you want a short haul truck, because players can put their own short haul trucks into the car’s tail box, about a few friends, and go to the outskirts to find a suitable site to carry out a “short haul truck competition”! Popular short haul truck styles are mainly Traxxas Slash, Team Associated SC10, HPI Blitz, Traxxas Slayer, Kyosho DRT, and so on. It is suggested that the players choose the short haul truck with large amount of protection on the market. This kind of product has sufficient supply, great potential for reloading, and many players can enjoy the experience of the car better.