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Steps of forming mechanical parts

(1) Hot working: casting, forging, welding, etc

(2) Cold working: turning, planing, milling, punching, pressing, riveting, etc

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(1) Sheet metal parts: punching, pressing, riveting, etc

(2) Comprehensive parts: turning, planing, milling, etc

3. General mechanical processing refers to the processing of comprehensive parts. Its forms are as follows:

(1) Workpiece rotary processing: Turning

(2) Tool rotary processing: drilling, milling, boring, plane grinding

(3) Workpiece and tool are rotary processing: internal grinding, external grinding, rolling cutting

(4) Workpiece and tool are not rotary processing: planing, inserting, pulling

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4. Distinguish the processing form according to the processing content:

(1) Processing of rotary parts: turning, internal and external grinding, etc

(2) Face processing: milling, drawing, surface grinding, etc

(3) Hole processing: drilling, boring, expanding, reaming, pulling, grinding, etc