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Test standard before CNC machining

Inspection standard before processing:

1. After the completion of each middle division, first copy the work coordinates, and then check whether the distance from the center to both sides is the same again after clearing, so as to ensure that the middle division and the reading are correct.

2. Select, install, set and read the coordinates of Z axis. Select the appropriate tool according to the programming list, clean the tool head and the nozzle thoroughly before installing the tool, and check whether the tool is skewed with the calibration table after installing the tool. Check again after reading

Check once to avoid wrong knife and wrong number, which will cause great loss to the company.

3. Transfer program, start machining: use single section to execute before cutting, adjust the transfer speed and feed speed to the slowest speed, lower the cutter slowly, watch the machine tool display Z axis allowance, check if there is any abnormality, press the pause key immediately if there is any abnormality, and find out the original

To solve the problem, confirm that everything is normal and adjust to the right speed to start processing.

4. In the process of machining, pay attention to observe whether the machining is abnormal, whether the cutter is worn or not. If the cutter is seriously worn, pause the grinding to ensure the normal machining.