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The development process of CNC machining production

According to the product drawings or templates provided by customers, we can deliver high-quality molds and qualified mold samples within the time required by customers. At the same time can provide: participate in customer hardware product development, sample formulation, mold design and manufacturing, hardware parts production one-stop service.

Special design and manufacturing will be carried out according to the shape, size and dimensional accuracy, surface quality and other technical requirements and production batch of manufacturing products. Therefore, it is very important to study the modern design and manufacturing technology of die and mold, the practical experience in the process of mold design and manufacturing, as well as the technical management and process control of the production process, so as to form a standard and form an expert system, which is of great importance to improve the level of mold production technology and management, and to improve the core competitiveness of mold enterprises.

Today, the development process of production mode. Its main achievements and characteristics are as follows

Milling technology and precision form grinding technology are widely used, and the precision coordinate grinding technology for precision machining of round hole and mold hole with precise hole spacing is realized. It provides the key technology for EDM and WEDM. The specialization, serialization and standardization of die materials are realized. During this period, the high development of mold standardization, such as computer gong processing, Dongguan high speed computer gong processing, Dongguan mold processing, Dongguan Mechanical parts processing, CNC processing, fully using standard parts and components in mold production is not only a major achievement and feature of mold industrial production mode, but also an important technical basis for realizing modern mold production mode. With the progress and development of computer and machine tool industry, die CAD / CAM and CAD / CAM / CAE have become widely used production technologies. They are combined with high standardization to form a modern mold production mode, that is to realize the informatization and digital mold production mode of mold design and manufacturing.

Design: during the period of manual workshop mold making and the early stage of industrial mold manufacturing, mold design was not carried out, and mold manufacturing was completely dependent on the experience and skills of mold makers. With the development of industry, the application of die and mould is becoming more and more extensive, the requirement of mould performance and quality is getting higher and higher, and the production technology is constantly improving. Designing and drawing the die structure system diagram and parts drawing, defining the design requirements and manufacturing technical conditions are the first task and core technology in the mold production process, which has been evolving until now.

However, with the progress of computer and CNC machine tool industry, and the wide application of CNC machine tools such as machining center, the mold design method and method have produced substantial and breakthrough progress. Mold design includes the following three aspects: mold part modeling and structure design, mold structure system design, mold structure parameter calculation and setting. Mold design process and content. The die with high precision needs to be processed by high-precision CNC machine tool, and the die material and forming process have strict requirements, and CAD / CAE / CAM die technology is also needed to design and analyze. Due to the special requirements of some parts, the mold also needs to use advanced technology such as hot runner, gas assisted molding, nitrogen cylinder and so on. The manufacturer shall be equipped with CNC, EDM, WEDM and NC profiling milling equipment, high-precision grinder, high-precision CMM, computer design and relevant software. Generally, large stamping dies (such as automobile cover parts mould) should consider whether the machine tool has blank holder mechanism, or even edge lubricant, multi position progressive, etc. In addition to stamping tonnage, punching times, feeding device, machine tool and die protection device should be considered.

The manufacturing means and technology of the above mould are not possessed and mastered by every mould manufacturer and enterprise. When choosing a cooperative manufacturer, we must understand its processing ability, not only depending on the hardware equipment, but also combining the management level, processing experience and technical strength. For the same set of mould, there is sometimes a big gap between quotations from different manufacturers. You should not pay more than the value of the mold, at the same time, should not be less than the cost of the mold. Computer gong processing, Dongguan high-speed computer gong processing, Dongguan mold processing, Dongguan Mechanical parts processing, CNC processing mold manufacturers, like you, should make reasonable profits in business. Ordering a set of molds with a much lower price would be the beginning of trouble. Users should start from their own requirements and comprehensively measure. Avoid multi cooperation, try to make mold and product processing one-stop, with qualified mold (test piece qualified), not necessarily can produce a batch of qualified products. This is mainly related to the machine tool selection, forming process (forming temperature, forming time, etc.) and the technical quality of the operator. With a good mold, but also have good forming processing, the best is a one-stop cooperation, try to avoid multi cooperation. If the conditions are not met, one party should be fully responsible for the contract, and it must be written clearly at the same time.

The equipment of the mold department mainly includes CNC computer gongs, spark machines, milling machines, drilling machines, grinding machines and other complete equipment; the equipment of the injection molding department has a number of precision injection molding machines, and our professional engineering and technical personnel can be engaged in engineering design, mold development and manufacturing, product injection molding, And its quality assurance fully meet your requirements, computer gong processing | Dongguan high speed computer gong processing | Dongguan mold processing | Dongguan Mechanical parts processing | CNC processing. With the advanced technology and management mode, the system of specialized production is implemented according to the type of mold products