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The difference of machining center, engraving and milling machine and engraving machine

Carving and milling machine, carving machine and machining center (computer gong) are very similar in appearance and structure. The following is a comparative analysis of the three


Machining center: Hong Kong, Taiwan and Guangdong are called computer gongs. They are highly automatic multi-functional CNC machine tools with tool magazine and automatic tool changing device. The first machining center appeared in the United States in 1958. It can realize the centralized processing of milling, drilling, boring, reaming, tapping and other processes after the workpiece is clamped once, with special emphasis on “milling”.

Engraving machine: its spindle speed is high, suitable for small tool processing, torque is relatively small, focusing on the “engraving” function, such as wood (special processing of wood called wood engraving machine), two-color board, acrylic board and other low hardness plate, not suitable for strong cutting of large workpieces. At present, most of the products on the market under the banner of engraving machine are mainly for processing handicrafts with low cost. Due to the low precision, they are not suitable for mold development; but there are exceptions, such as wafer engraving machine.

Carving and milling machine: as the name suggests. It can be carved or milled. On the basis of engraving machine, the power of main shaft and servo motor is increased, and the bearing force of bed is increased. At the same time, the high speed of main shaft is maintained, and more importantly, the precision is very high. Engraving and milling machine is also developing at a high speed, commonly known as high-speed machine. It has stronger cutting ability and very high machining accuracy. It can also directly process materials with hardness above HRC60 for one-time forming.

In terms of appearance and volume

The volume of machining center is the largest, the volume of large 1690 machine is 4m * 3M, and that of small 850 machine is 2.5m * 2.5m; carving and milling machine is the second, and that of large 750 machine is 2.2m * 2m; carving machine is the smallest.

In terms of mechanical structure

Machining centers generally use cantilever type, carving and milling machines and carving machines generally use gantry type structure, gantry type is divided into pillar type and fixed beam type, at present, carving and milling machines are mostly fixed beam type.

In terms of index data

Spindle maximum speed (R / min): 8000 machining center; carving and milling machine is the most common 240000, high-speed machine is the lowest 30000; engraving machine is generally the same as carving and milling machine, engraving machine for high gloss processing can reach 80000, but it is not ordinary motorized spindle, but air floating spindle.

Spindle power: machining center is the largest, from thousands of watts to tens of kilowatts; carving and milling machine is the second, generally within ten kilowatts; carving machine is the smallest.

Cutting capacity: machining center is the largest, especially suitable for heavy cutting, roughing; carving and milling machine is the second, suitable for finishing; carving machine is the smallest.

Speed: because the engraving and milling machine and engraving machine are relatively light, their moving speed and feed speed are faster than the machining center, especially the high-speed machine equipped with linear motor, the maximum moving speed can reach 120m / min

Accuracy: the accuracy of the three is almost the same.

From the processing dimension: the area of the worktable can better reflect this. The smallest worktable area (unit mm, the same below) of domestic machining center (computer gong) is 830 * 500 (850 machines); the largest worktable area of engraving and milling machine is 700 * 620 (750 machines), and the smallest is 450 * 450 (400 machines); engraving machine generally does not exceed 450 * 450, the common is 45 * 270 (250 machines).

In terms of application objects: machining center is used to complete the processing equipment of large amount of milling work pieces, large molds and materials with relatively high hardness, which is also suitable for roughening of ordinary molds; engraving and milling machine is used to complete the finishing of small amount of milling work pieces and small molds, which is suitable for copper and graphite processing; low-end engraving machine is inclined to wood, two-color board, acrylic board and other materials with low hardness Plate processing, high-end suitable for wafer, metal shell polishing.

people say that

Machining center, engraving and milling machine can do both products and molds, engraving machine can only do products.

Tool magazine: Machining Center, there is a tool magazine is the machining center, no tool magazine is called computer gong or CNC milling; carving and milling machine generally does not equipped with tool magazine, even if the optional tool magazine is 12 knife umbrella tool magazine, or 6 knife in-line tool magazine; carving without tool magazine.


There is no CNC engraving and milling machine in foreign countries. Strictly speaking, engraving is a part of milling, so there is only the concept of machining center in foreign countries, and the concept of small machining center is derived to replace engraving and milling machine. Purchase engraving machine or purchase CNC milling machining center is often to ask their own questions, to see the actual production needs. In addition, there is the popular high-speed cutting machine (hscmachine), which is called high-speed machine in China.

2、 Analysis from the angle of numerical control

  1. — the CNC milling center requires a general speed for the CNC system, and the spindle speed is about 0 ~ 8000rpm
  2. — the engraving and milling machine requires a high-speed numerical control system, and the spindle speed is about 3000 ~ 30000 rpm
  3. High speed cutting machine tools require high-speed CNC system and excellent servo motor characteristics. The spindle speed is about 1500 ~ 30000 rpm

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