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The future of machining

(1) There are tens of thousands of old and backward machine tools in our country, which are the realistic basis of machine tool overhaul and CNC transformation industry

China is a developing country. Due to the long-term inadaptability of its own mechanism, the economic strength is too low, the technology is backward and the equipment is obsolete. The computer gong processing, Dongguan computer gong processing, Shenzhen computer gong processing, mechanical parts processing, Guangzhou computer gong processing have greatly restricted the development of the national economy. In order to change the backwardness of China’s machinery manufacturing industry as soon as possible, in the past 20 years, while developing the national machine tool manufacturing industry, we have actively introduced the world’s advanced technology and equipment. On the one hand, it cooperates with the world’s advanced machine tool manufacturers to continuously produce all kinds of machine tools with the world’s advanced level; on the other hand, it has directly purchased a large number of various types of machine tools. All these have played a huge role in the rapid development of China’s national economy. Dongguan computer gong Processing Factory Dongguan machine parts Processing Factory Dongguan mold processing factory Shenzhen computer gong processing.

However, the long-term operation of machine tools even overload use, and lack of serious repair and maintenance, resulting in serious wear and loss of precision; some machine tools are idle for a long time due to the change of enterprise personnel and product structure, or due to the lack of technical force, they are found to be rusty and the electronic control system can not be started up when they are used; due to the need of new product manufacturing, the machine tool has been seriously worn and lost its precision Due to the rapid development of computer and network technology in the world, the product update of CNC system and drive system factory is accelerated, and the original product is stopped prematurely, which brings some difficulties for the replacement and maintenance of spare parts. Moreover, the service life of CNC system is generally 5-10 years, while most of the machine tools in China are in the process of upgrading Extended service. Computer gongs processing, Dongguan computer gongs processing, Shenzhen computer gongs processing, mechanical parts processing, Guangzhou computer gongs processing, all of these factors need to be overhauled and CNC upgraded.

(2) A large number of new used machine tools have become the catalyst for machine tool overhaul and numerical control transformation industry. Since the reform and opening up, many enterprises have introduced a large number of obsolete machine tools from abroad. Although some of them can still meet the use requirements, most of them are still lack of experience, technology, data and spare parts, resulting in the embarrassment that although they are purchased cheaply, they can not continue to play a role The situation. Among them, there are many old machine tools and production lines introduced for use after transformation. Most of the second-hand machine tools here can play a role as long as they have appropriate capital investment, after overhaul and transformation, Dongguan computer gong processing factory, Dongguan machine parts processing factory, Dongguan mold processing factory, Shenzhen computer gong processing factory.

(3) Significant economic benefits are the driving force for the development of machine tool overhaul and numerical control transformation industry. For machine tool owners, they can get the same effect by spending less than 30% of the cost of purchasing the same new machine tool. According to the international records of the industry, even if the structural performance of the original machine tool is completely transformed and upgraded, it only costs about 60% of the price of the new machine tool.