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Vibration three comprehensive test chamber customer equipment

Scope of application: Vibration three comprehensive test chamber is mainly used in aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, weapons, electrician, electronics, automobile, motorcycle, communication and other industries to determine the process of transportation, storage and use of electrical and electronic products, instruments and other equipment. Reliability test. This product is mainly made up of the temperature and humidity test box equipped with the corresponding vibration table, which can independently complete the corresponding temperature, humidity, vibration test and combination test of three factors.

Technical Parameters:

Temperature range: -70~180°C

Humidity range: 10% to 98% RH

Rapid temperature change range: -55~100°C

Linear rate of change: 15 ° C / min

Internal space: 1000*1000*1000mm (W*D*H)


※The new air bearing cushion bearing mechanism can accurately reproduce the vibration waveform of the set conditions.
※ The controller can simultaneously set the temperature and humidity and vibration test conditions.
※According to the test application, the excitation force can be selected from 30KN, 60KN and 100KN, and the maximum displacement can reach 51mmp-p.
※Sliding sliding door and built-in cooling fan save space.
※ Can control sinusoidal vibration, random vibration (optional) and impact vibration (optional).
※The drive coil is equipped with safety devices for easy maintenance.
※Equipped with a large observation window for anti-condensation, it is convenient to observe the test conditions in the tank.
※ Four measures to protect the environment: energy saving, space saving, low noise, environmentally friendly refrigerant.