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What industry is auto parts

Auto parts are the manufacturing industry.

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Manufacturing industry refers to the manufacturing resources (materials, energy, equipment, tools, funds, technology, information and manpower), according to the market requirements, through the manufacturing process, into the use and use of large tools, industrial products and consumer products industry.

Manufacturing industry directly reflects the productivity level of a country and is an important factor to distinguish between developing and developed countries. Manufacturing industry occupies an important share in the national economy of the developed world (developed countries).

According to the material form used in production, the manufacturing industry can be divided into discrete manufacturing and process manufacturing.

The manufacturing industry includes: product manufacturing, design, raw material procurement, warehousing and transportation, order processing, wholesale operation and retail. Assembly and installation activities of machinery and equipment for product sales in enterprises (units) which are mainly engaged in product manufacturing.

Main classification of folding

01 agricultural and sideline food processing industry

02 food manufacturing industry

03 wine, beverage and refined tea manufacturing industry

04 tobacco products industry

05 textile industry

06 textile clothing and clothing industry

07 leather, fur, feathers and their products and footwear industry

08 wood processing and wood, bamboo, rattan, brown and grass products industry

09 furniture manufacturing industry

10 paper and paper products industry

11 printing and recording media reproduction industry

12 manufacturing of culture, education, industry, sports and entertainment products.

13 petroleum processing, coking and nuclear fuel processing industry

14 chemical raw materials and chemical products manufacturing industry

15 pharmaceutical manufacturing industry

16 chemical fiber manufacturing industry

17 Rubber and plastic products industry

18 non-metallic mineral products industry

19 ferrous metal smelting and calendering industry

20 nonferrous metal smelting and calendering processing industry

21 metal products industry

22 general equipment manufacturing industry

23 special equipment manufacturing industry

24 automobile manufacturing industry

25 manufacturing of railways, ships, aerospace and other transport equipment.

26 electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing

27 computer, telecommunications and other electronic equipment manufacturing industry

28 instrument manufacturing industry

29 other manufacturing industries

30 comprehensive utilization of waste resources

31 repair industry of metal products, machinery and equipment