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What is a sheet metal laser cutting machine

The so-called laser (LASER) is composed of the first letter of each word in English using the “magnification of stimulated radiation”. Pass this sentence
It can be known that the laser is a kind of light.
Light Amplifications by Stimulated Emissions of Radiation High-output lasers for processing materials are mainly divided into: gas lasers, solid lasers. 1 carbon dioxide laser
High power is relatively easy, high reliability, and low cost. It is a representative laser for processing. kW level
The high output power laser is used forĀ sheet metal cutting?
The carbon dioxide laser shines on the metal (depending on the type of material). 90% of the metal material for laser processing is reflected. But this reflectivity is
The value of the metal solid is easily absorbed by the molten metal. Therefore, when cutting metal, the metal must first be melted a little. The method of melting the metal is to use a lens to collect light on the metal surface to maximize the energy density.
The laser can be continuously absorbed after the start of melting, and even a metal with a high reflectance can be easily cut. In fact, only the focused laser is cut from metal. The laser is irradiated with an auxiliary gas such as oxygen to blow the molten metal.