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Where is the advantage of the cold heading fastener

The cold heading process is a kind of plastic deformation produced by metal under external force, and the metal volume is redistributed and transferred by means of mould, so as to form the required parts or blank processing method. The cold heading process is most suitable for producing standard fasteners such as bolts, screws, nuts, rivets and pins. What are the advantages of the following cold heading process?

(1) cold heading is carried out at normal temperature. Cold heading can improve the mechanical properties of metal parts. No matter what kind of bolts, the tensile strength after cold heading is better than that of cutting. This is because the metal fibers of the cold heading product will not be cut off, the internal structure of the metal is compacted, and the working hardening is accompanied by the existence of the working hardening phenomenon, so the mechanical properties of the metal are improved.
(2) the cold heading technology can improve the material utilization. For example, the cold heading six corner bolts, except for the loss of the material head, have achieved no machining at all, for example, the utilization rate of cutting materials is very low. The material utilization ratio of the cold heading nut is also much higher than that of the cutting nut.
(3) the cold heading technology can greatly improve the productivity. If the cold heading nut is compared with the cutting nut technology, the productivity will be increased by several times.
(4) reduce the cost of the enterprise. The use of the cold heading machine has realized the simultaneous processing of each process on a machine tool, reducing the production site occupied by the equipment, thus greatly reducing the production cost of the enterprise.
(5) reduce the labor intensity of personnel. The production of the cold heading machine reduces a lot of process links, does not need the transportation of the half product in each process, especially reduces the labor intensity of the workers, and improves the working conditions.
(6) cold heading process can improve product surface finish and ensure product accuracy. For large quantities of bolts, nuts and so on, it can guarantee its accuracy.
(7) the general performance is good. There are many models for producing cold heading bolts and nut forming machines. Moreover, the equipment has reliable performance, high efficiency and stable product quality, and can produce all kinds of standard parts and customized non-standard parts.

Because of the above advantages, cold heading technology is more and more widely used in mechanical manufacturing, especially in the production of standard fasteners. Bobun Petrochemical is the domestic large and high end metal processing oil research and development base. It is committed to the development and application of the new type of metal cold forming oil. The self developed cold heading oil series products are suitable for cold heading technology, such as copper aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel and titanium alloy, which can be effectively reduced. The wear of the low impact bar and die has greatly improved the accuracy of the process. It has been fully recognized and praised by customers in practical application.