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who don not have a strong heart are not qualified to talk about life

Although the recruitment and selection of West Point is tough enough, 1/5 of the enrolled students each year choose to quit.
A large part of the 1/5 students chose to quit at the end of the year, because in this year they were going through the most famous “wild animal” program in West Point, experiencing a series of cruel tests of physiology, psychology and society. In the end, people who can’t hold up have to choose out.
This phenomenon has attracted the interest of Angela Dakovos, a well-known psychology professor at University of Pennsylvania. Are the tough IQ, EQ, and talent tests that are difficult to prove enough to prove that these students have enough potential? Why can “wild animals” plan to eliminate so many students? You know, those students who quit were originally qualified to enter world famous schools such as Harvard and Yale. Is it the “wild beast” scheme that deliberately embarrass the students, or does this plan really find these students’ personality defects?
Dakota launched a series of studies known as “perseverance test”, investigating students who had succeeded or failed in the years of “wild animal” tests, and found that most of the students who finished the program had a very successful career and a full family, and their success was the “wild beast”. The secret to them is to make them a passionate, resilience and enterprising person, thus achieving great success.
The results of dakworth’s research are summed up in ten experiences, which are regarded as the true secrets of the West Point to develop truly excellent students, and are also called West Point’s most expensive and most valuable lessons: people without a strong heart are not qualified to talk about life.
What are the ten experiences in the end? Will these ten lessons help our career?
Even if you have failed, you still have to keep fighting!
A reporter once asked boxing Ali: how many sit ups do you do every day? Ali replied, “I never count how many sit ups I have done. I will always be able to keep muscle pains until I can’t persist. This is the key.”
In fact, it’s the same in the workplace. In a lot of difficult times, you face two choices: either carry the tears with your tears, or make it difficult and painful to knock you down.
Man is a habit animal. Once you start to find reasons for your failure and run away from it, it will become your instinct. In other words, if you always insist on carrying yourself through hardships, you will finally achieve greatness.
You have to eat marshmallow later
Stanford University has a very famous experiment of “cotton candy”. The experimenter will let a child alone in a room with a cotton candy for 15 minutes. The experimenter tells the child before leaving, and if you can’t bear it, you can eat it, but if you don’t eat the marshmallow for 15 minutes, you’ll get two marshmallow as a reward.
In Standford’s marshmallow experiment, 1/3 of the children did not eat marshmallow. Most of their lives were very successful and happy. Children who eat marshmallow were relatively poor and frustrated. Many of them were troubled by drugs, alcohol and obesity.
It turns out that the children who are able to resist the temptation later are very successful, successful, educated, successful, family, and even plagued by obesity.
Perseverance testing shows that patience and delayed enjoyment are a key factor in a person’s success. Dakorvos said that a truly strong person knows that only when he can endure the torment of time and desire can he have the chance to realize his dream.
Even if you have made a mistake of super silly X, you must be fearless and keep trying until you succeed.
A recent College of William and Mary survey of 800 entrepreneurs found that the most successful of these people had two common traits: never afraid of failure and never cared about how others looked at them.
In other words, the most successful people in the world are not afraid of failure. They even regard failure as the only way to life.
You’re an adult, you have to learn to control your emotions
What many people don’t realize is that bad emotions constantly weaken the strength of your heart. An adult can’t control your emotions. The consequences can be disastrous. If you control your brain with emotion, you may lose your ability to think clearly, judgement, willpower and solve problems. It has also been proved that many people who are prone to losing their temper have a series of problems such as irascible, aggressive and overconfident.
Although the emotion can’t be seen, we can still control the mood effectively, for example, you can ask yourself before you lose your temper: where does my anger come from? Why do I have to lose my temper? What is the meaning of losing your temper? Hold on for a long time, and you will be able to control your emotions.
You have to call that phone you don’t want to call
There are many times when we have to do something we don’t want to do very much, because we know these things are valuable in the long run: to get rid of the responsible employees, to call strangers, to work all night to pull the company back from the death line, or for a vital project. Lax struggle.
It’s very easy to give up when facing difficulties, but the best people know that the best choice is also necessary.