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Why high prices can always beat low prices in the machinery industry

A salesman who worked as a refrigerant asked the boss: “there is a small factory on the market, the price is very low, it is very difficult to deal with. What should we do?”
The boss asked, “since this factory is so powerful, why is it always a small factory, and we are big factories?”

In fact, low prices usually play a “spoiler” role in the market. In confrontational competition, high prices are often upset and even frightened by low prices, but low prices are always high prices, even in the face of high prices. Undefined

The price level is not a purely pricing problem, but a core issue of marketing. Marketing Master Kotler said, “you do not sell products by price, but sell prices.” The teacher said, “selling is selling products through price, and marketing is selling products through products.”

Price and marketing activities around supporting prices constitute a marketing system. Low price or high price, in fact, is the difference between marketing and marketing.

We often see that low prices determine the core element of marketing can only be the price, because low prices can not support other marketing activities. High price determines that its marketing activities can be varied and varied, which is determined by the policy space generated by price.

Of course, the strategic price war in the process of industrial concentration is an exception. Marketing is to sell the price and learn to sell the price to understand the true meaning of marketing. The public’s common sense of price is precisely the misunderstanding of marketing specialty. The world is changing so fast that the competition in the machinery industry is fierce. If factories rely only on low price competition instead of upgrading, elimination is inevitable.